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Creating View in Model Driven App - Filtering by Related N:N Table where Related Table *does not contain data*

There's 2 parts to this question as part 2 is only relevant if part 1 isn't possible.


PART 1 - I have 2 tables which have a many to many relationship. I want to create a view that displays relevant records which 'do not contain data' (i.e. displaying the records where a relationship between 2 records has not been made). This never used to be possible and when I would select under the filters 'Related Table ... does not contain data' it would crash and say there was a problem. I reported the error and was told that because there is no connection in the dataset, it couldn't be filtered in such a way.


Interestingly though, I've discovered that when I am creating a View in make.powerapps, it no longer displays the option for 'do not contain data'...fine I thought, they've removed the option because it was creating an error. HOWEVER, when I try to make the filter in the model-driven app itself using the Advanced Filter, the option displays works! I see all the records where a relationship hasn't been made. Great! 


PART 2 - My problem is, however, that I'd like to be able for this View to displayed on a Classic Dashboard and as I can only make it as a CUSTOM view (as explained above, can't make it a SYSTEM far as I am aware!), I can't display it on the Dashboard. I can add it as an iFrame and create a ridiculous model-driven app-ception OR add the view as a URL to be clicked on the sidebar but both of these are not particularly great workarounds and just wondering if anyone knew whether:


a) is it possible to filter an N:N relationship by 'does not contain data' for system views - have I missed something?

b) if a) isn't possible, any better workaround/possibility for displaying custom view on a dashboard (I want to display it on the dashboard so that the user can access several relevant views for them all in 1 place so if there is also an alternative to dashboard, also good)




*EDIT* : I've also found in documentation here: that it says 'Contains data is the only conditional operator that can be used with a related table in a view filter.' This doesn't appear to be the case because I've managed to filter by does not contain data in a custom view!


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