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Helper II
Helper II

Creating a Dashboard using powerapps

I have a powerapp that the users input their data and it is working. 

Now i have a task to do some calculations about the data from the first powerapp.  I want to just display this so i created another powerapp that pulls the connection from the SharePoint list of the first powerapp. 


I need do some calculations but not sure how to get the data i need onto the fields. 


I am stuck on 3 calculations.


1. MTD (Est value) i need to only get the current month est value based upon that fields due date.  I thought i could filter by duedate, Month(Now()) to get the items date but it says  it expects a text value???  I thought I would get the est contract value label i have and then filter it by the due date?


I will start with  this can anyone help??? I am working on a deadline. 


Super User
Super User


Like this...

Filter(‘Estimating Template’, Year(DueDate)=Year(Today()), Month(DueDate)=Month(Today()))

If you have any questions about how to do the other 2 calculations you mentioned please start a new thread instead of asking more on this post 🙂


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Continued Contributor
Continued Contributor

I believe what you want is a look up instead of a filter. LookUp takes at least 2 parameters.

  1. The first one is the source (Estimating List),
  2. The second is the formula you want to base you look up on. In your case, you want to check the due date month is same as current month.
  3. And the rest of the arguments are the fields you want from that look up. In you case you want MTD est value. 
LookUp('Estimating List', DueDate = Text( Now(), "mmmm" ), <MTD>)


Now this formula is also complete, except for two things:

  1. Make sure date format is correct. I am using "mmmm", This will return the full name of the month like "June'" not "Jun", not "06" or "6". You should make sure what format you due date is in so you can compare the properly. You can look up other date formats here
  2. Make sure column name is correct. Secondly, I do not know the name of the column in your "Estimating List" which represents the est contract value. I left it as "MTD", but you should find out which column you need. 

Hope this helps!

I left off the part that calculates the est contract value in the formula. 


I have the formula working that calculates the est contract value how to i add this field to the formula so that the filter applies to only those values??


EstcontractValuesTotal = Sum('Estimating List', Text(EstContractValue, "[$-en-US]$#,###0.00"))  


can i use the estcontractvaluestotal field??But how??


Like this...

Text(Sum(Filter(‘Estimating Template’, Year(DueDate)=Year(Today()), Month(DueDate)=Month(Today())),EstContractValue),"[$-en-US]$#,###0.00")


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Continued Contributor
Continued Contributor

Okay. Looking at the formula, it looks like there are multiple records that could have the same due date month and you want the sum of the MTD for that month. In that cases you do need a filter: 

Sum(Filter('Estimating List', DueDate = Text( Now(), "mmmm" )), Text(EstContractValue, "[$-en-US]$#,###0.00"))


Again you still need to fix the date format and I do not know the type of DueDate. Is it Date type or is it Text type? 




The Due Date is a Date Type field. I removed the friendly version that SharePoint offers. 


I enter the formula as you have it and i do not get a result.  The June MTD total should be 2650000.



Continued Contributor
Continued Contributor

Okay. I think the date comparison is not be working. Let's try this:

Text(Sum(Filter('Estimating List', Text(DueDate,"m-yy") = Text(Now(), "m-yy")), EstContractValue)), "[$-en-US]$#,###0.00"))


I updated the formula you provided and i do not get any results.  See attached screenshot.

I am getting a message: incompatible type.  We cant evaluate your formula because the values being compared in the formula arent the same type. 


I am not sure how to proceed. The estcontractvalue is a number field. duedate is a date field. Date is displayed as 6/2/2020.


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