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Helper II

Creating a Form with existing controls/element

Hi, I am a newbie with Power App. 


I have created an app for user to enter some data using dropdowns and combo box to restrict what they can enter. 
This is working to save these data as a collection and can provide a table preview. However, I want to let the user edit entries that are incorrect but not have to refill the entire entry. I know I need to use a gallery instead of data table to let user select each entry, however I don't know how I can fill the controls I have create again

I saw  in a tutorial that we can use form controls to achieve this, but I have design my app without the use of the Forms. Instead I have just made all these control as separate entities.


Is there a way for me to select all the element and create/add them as a form to utilize this form control function to switch between form modes/ or a work around?


Here is what the application looks like and the tree view. Please help, I am really hoping I don't have to start from scratch and use the insert>forms to recreate this.



Resolver I
Resolver I



The best route is to create a gallery instead of a Data Table. In that way, you can add a control to edit or delete a certain item from the data source. You may format the gallery to look like a table. 


Resource here starting 8-minute mark:


I hope this helps.



Thanks for replying


Another question, I want the controls at the top to be refilled with the item selected in the gallery. What code/setting should I use?

What is your data source? Is it SharePoint? If it is, then this is easier.


In your app, Once you have the gallery in place, Gallery OnSelect add this, Set(varitem, ThisItem)

Then create an Edit form, add your SharePoint list as the data source. Then navigate through the Item property and set it to varitem


Let me know if this works.

Oh and also don't forget to add your Data Card inside the Edit Form. Data Cards are the columns in your SharePoint list.

The problem is, I don't want to let users make changes to data that is already in SharePoint List.


I thought I can solved this by using collection to store the data on the app first let the users check and edit it before submitting it SharePoint.


However, because my fields there are do not belong to any form/data card. I cannot use the FormMode.Edit or FormMode.View to enable users to toggle between these states with data refilled in so that they can change which ever entry was wrong. 


I am trying to make a edit form but I am worry I may not be able to create a collection from this. 

If that is the case, then on your text input property, set the Defaults to Gallery1.Selected.ColumnName.


Gallery1 being the one that you will have to create.

ColumnName is the name of your columns that you want to refer to.



the Branch is a dropdown, then it should be like this: Default of the Branch Dropdown: Gallery1.Selected.Branch

Deliver Ref is a text input: Set the Default to Gallery1.Selected.'Delivery Ref'

I will try this, thank you again for helping. I will let you know if it works out.

Unfortunately this did not work. I cannot link my drop downs and combobox to the gallery item. also this leaves the entry permanently default to those value

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