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Creating a multi level app

Hello All,



I have a sharepoint list where i save all the details related to new account creation. But now i need to create a multi level power app form so that user can fill that form by clicking on numbered button(image attached). After filling the entire form the user will select submit and all the details will be saved to a single sharepoint list. I'm not sure how to create this kind of layout (even if it is possible or not) using powerapps for a single form. Any suggestion will be helpful. 






Power Apps
Power Apps

Hi JDpower,


Yes, there's two ways you can do this, both with their own positives / negatives.

  • Use the 'Patch' function
    • Set up individual forms on each page, each form has a different set of cards corresponding to their respective fields of the SharePoint list.
    • On your 'submit' button, use the Patch function to make one single submission to the sharepoint list, referencing the user inputted data for the appropriate fields.
      • Something like:
        Patch(MyList, Defaults(MyList), {Column1: UserInput1.Text, Column2: UserInput2.Text})
      • documentation on patch function
      • googling 'patch sharepoint list powerapps' also turns up some good videos
  • Use visibility logic to hide/show the cards based on what step the user is on
    • Idea here is to have a single form, and as the user progresses through filling it out, you hide / show certain cards depending on their progression.
      • Since it's just a single form, you don't have to use the Patch function. You can just use the SubmitForm function
    • You would want to use a variable to mark where the user is in the form. As they click a 'Next' button, for example, you would want it to increment:
      • Set(_userProgress, Min(9, _userProgress + 1))
        • The Min function ensures that the user progress cannot increment indefinitely
      • A similar feature would have to be created for a 'Previous' button
    • Different cards in the form would have their visibility property set to the value of user progress
      • The visibility of the cards on the first page would be:
        • _userProgress = 1
          • etc, etc for the other pages

Let me know if you need further details

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