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Creating a multicolumn table from two single column tables

I have two single column tables, say Table_1 and Table_2, and want to combine them so it looks like this:


Table_1   Table_2

alpha      gamma

beta        delta

...             ...


Right now it produces Table_2 on top of Table_1 in some strange three column table from ClearCollect(colName, AddColumn(...), AddColumn(...)) that is not what I'm looking for.


I'm not looking to join them by some similar records, etc. Table_2 is generated from how Table_1 is generated but with the system in place, I'm running into a problem with another process.


Thanks in advance!


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Resident Rockstar

This may be possible, but there are a number of assumptions. If it were SQL, you'd be writing a query to join the tables, and then deciding on the type of join and also how you'd join the tables.


The example you give above seems a bit too simple to work reliably.



  • How would you determine the total # of rows if both tables had different lengths?
  • Are the rows correlative based on row # alone - meaning will row 1 in table 1 always correlate with row 1 in table 2?
  • Why are you trying to join them this way? Could they both be combined into a third table with rows for each?

So the tables are formed by a combobox that throws the O365 name in one field and throws the O365 email in another. They both get stored in text fields in a SQL Server DB so I have to do some manipulation to get them into tables for what I need. Thus the tables will be correlated (name aligns row for row with email) and the lengths will always be the same.


I'm not sure exactly what you mean by your third question but if there is a solution there that allows me to have the rows correlated, then that should be fine for my needs.


If it helps, my ultimate goal is to be able to remove a name from the combobox and have the email removed from a text box. Since they are both stored in text fields, the name in the combobox is simply text and not of type Person so there is no associated email with it.

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