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Creating a search filter in PowerApps

So I was following this video Applying filter in PowerApps DataTable - YouTube and used the same formula as mentioned.

However, I'm still getting errors and not sure why.


DataTable1 is my data table that I'm working with

Title_Column1 is the column I'm trying to search in

TextInput1 is my textinput box I'm using to search


Somehow though, this isn't working. The errors are very vague as well, just says invalid argument types and invalid argument.


Accepted Solutions



Recommend keep SharePoint and not use Excel if possible.


Temporarily to test, use this - no variables


Items of Data Table:


If(!IsBlank(TextInput1.Text),Filter('30M Report', Title=TextInput1.Text),'30M Report')


And to temporarily test it, just use the above. Remove the Set from OnVisible, and remove the Set from elsewhere.  Even for the OnChange on the Text Input, change it to have nothing in it (or just false) and the OnSelect of the Search button, do the same


If the above works, you can keep the temporary as the permanent solution.

If you need the non-exact match, try to change it to the below, see if it works


Items of Data Table:


If(!IsBlank(TextInput1.Text),Filter('30M Report', TextInput1.Text in Title),'30M Report')


If the above works, keep the solution like that, but if you have more records later than 500, you may need to use the ForAll. You can then try the below in case too:


 Items of Data Table:


If(!IsBlank(TextInput1.Text),ForAll('30M Report', TextInput1.Text in ThisRecord.Title),'30M Report')


See if this works better @2132143 




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You should Filter on a Data Source, not a Column

Filter(DataTable1 ...

Super User
Super User


Items property of the datatable:

Filter(yoursharepointlist, StartsWith(Title,TextInput1.Text))

getting errors with 


Filter(DataTable1, StartsWith(Title, TextInput1.Text));


and with


Filter(DataTable1, StartsWith(Title_Column1, TextInput1.Text));

Super User
Super User


Is Datatable1 really the name of your SharePoint list?

Oops, updated to: 


Filter('30M Report', Title=TextInput1.Text);


no errors now but how can I get this to only show me the title that I type? right now nothing happens when clicking search.

Filter('30M Report', StartsWith(Title, TextInput1.Text));


sent the wrong formula, both don't work though

To see if it is contained and not just starting with, try this:


Filter('30M Report', TextInput1.Text in Title);


The above is recommended, but if you don't want delegation warning and you have a lot of Records (like more than 500), maybe the below version works more properly for you:


ForAll('30M Report' As myRecord, TextInput1.Text in myRecord.Title);



so I'm using Filter('30M Report', TextInput1.Text in Title); now but for some reason nothing is filtering out. 

Advocate I
Advocate I




Here is an example

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