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Creating an app that only shows user information

I wanted to create an app that only shows the user data of the person who is logged in. Currently the app I have shows everyones information, but I just want it to focus on the one user who is in the app. The information is being pulled from an Excel sheet and the data columns are custom. So the plan would be to have each user log in and only see the information related to their name. 


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Well hello, 


I logged back in to try it out. I am thinking I am close, I must just be missing something small here. 



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Based on what I can see in the screenshot I see no reason why the data is not shown. Can you try out what will happen if you only put only 'Table1' in the items property without the Search formula?

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Okay it now works now! thank you for your help! 

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The User function will show you the current user. You can use User().FullName to filter the datasource.


Can that be custom as well to columns I have? For example, User().Image

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Let's assume you have a column to store each user's email, then update the items property of your gallery (the screen list the record for each user) to use filter, such as



Hello I tried using that but it was not working right. I put it in the Items property and change emailaddress to one of my custom fields then change the email to the same custom field but the profile did not change. 

any tips?

Why do you store the info in an Excel file? I would suggest you use the Office 365 connector that gives you the ability to get user information from the Office 365 profile of the user. For example the image, but also other. You can use the suggested user-function to filter the profile information of the logged in user.

If that is not an option I would suggest to use a SharePoint list instead of the Excel file. I think it is a little bit easier to structure the information with SharePoint column types. 

If you still want to use the Excel file you have to put a column with preferably the user name (UPN) to use as a filter combined with the user-function.

The reason I am using an excel file is because the equation used to search on the search screen using excel data is effective at allowing users to search a variety of key words, whereas other sources only allows for one key word search. 


That being said how do I go about the process of what you mentioned? 


I understand that I create a column with a title of Username in the excel file, then I Create usernames for all employees on the list in that column. What is the next step? 


I know I can integrate office365 with my excel file as a second data source but the equations are limited to Name, Title, reports to, and thats about it, but I have custom columns with other information I was hoping to show up in the users profile. 

If you want to use the user info you fill in the sheet, you can filter the information with the user-formula. You don't need to use the Office 365 connector in that case. I made a mistake in my previous post. The user-function does not get the UPN, but does get the e-mailadres. If you use User().Email on the column filled with the user e-mailadresses the e-mailadres of the logged in user is used to filter the list.

that does work, so I am assuming at this point there is not way to do custom ones. For example, if I wanted to just show their photo or just show information on their specific role in excel that is not possible at this point?

I would say that that is definitely possible. If you store information in different columns and use add controls bound to these columns. Although I don't think this will work for a photo, since you cannot store a picture inside a cell in Excel.

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