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Crisis Communication solution feedback

On Monday afternoon, as news of COVID-19 cases spread globally, we pulled together a team to help customers coordinate their own information sharing and team collaboration in response to evolving conditions in times of crisis. Today, less than 48 hours later, we’re releasing the first version of that solution for any customer organization to quickly implement. You can read more about the solution in our blog post or get the full instructions for how you can implement your own Crisis Communication app here.


We're extremely excited to hear how the community leverages this app, so we've created this thread to hear directly from you. Feel free to share your experience customizing the solution and altering it for your own needs. Over the next few weeks, we'll take your responses to make the app even better and post incremental updates. 😁

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@Raynok1 wrote:

1.) On "FAQ" screen the question title does not wrap or auto adjusts it's height. Long question Title are unreadable on a small screen.

We've corrected the height of the question title in the latest version (published 2020-03-11).



@Raynok1 wrote:

2.) On "home" screen the Edit work status button is commented out and seems to await for more logic.

Good find! You're definitely peeking at a lot of things 🙂

We'd like to place in the edit button. It might so something like this:

  1. Select today's date.
  2. Get the logged-in user's entry for today's date--it should exist at this point, else the edit button won't be visible.
  3. Go to the work status screen.
  4. Pick a work status. (no longer needs to go to calendar since you're only editing today's entry)
  5. Go to success screen or throw error if there is one.
  6. Go back to the home screen.

Let me know if that is the expected behavior @Raynok1.

Hi @TonyF ,

For the flow to work you need to input the right SharePoint list and some other configurations. The error about null means there may be a blank where you need to enter something.


Can you check that you've placed a SharePoint site in the top variables?

Hi @Sofie_D,

While you certainly could use either MS Translate or a call to Google Translate, all translators have a chance to miss the context of your content. And for a scenario like a crisis, where you do not want anything to be miscommunicated, it is best to have a translation by the response team in your organization. This is also important for the tone and voice of what is communicated, which a machine may not be able to convey as well as a human.


That said, as the Crisis Communication solution is a template, you can apply further customization on it to fit your organization's needs (not every org may need translation). You might create multiple articles to SharePoint list for company news for each language and include a language column to flag it. And then you might choose to revise the 'news notification' flow to send notifications to subsets depending on their language preference.


This would be a good space for community to share some examples on their tweaks.

@Mr-Dang-MSFTThank you for the app update (Latest version published 2020-03-11).

The level of style and approach to things in the app is inspiring and requires attention to detail. Specially mapping out layout to variables and component. In short this app is on another level. That's a good thing.


Regarding the behavior for the editing the work status, its sounds about right. Maybe the ability to select more than one date if there are?


Could be outside the scope of the app, but it would be nice to have an approval process for the work from home and out of office.


Would be cool to share a status of "working from the office".  That way the PBI report could show all employees whether they are at the office, working from home or out.

Frequent Visitor

I wonder if we could create some kind of links and FAQ repository that people could add to their deployment so that the out of the box solution is as useful as possible to organisations and their people? I imagine many of these kind of things would be universal and would time for all implementing

@Fiorella_B, In the last step of the employee status wizard we allow you to sync your status to Outlook and Teams 🙂

Frequent Visitor

A user's help request does not go to the "Help requests channel" in the "Crisis management team" if the user is not a member of the said team.

Having exactly the same problem. The error is logged as:


The sender with objectId ' ... ' is not a member or an owner of the team.

As an owner of the team if I send the request the flow works fine but I get this error if someone who is not a member of the Team sends it.

Is there a way to set the Adaptive Card as "High Importance" in the Teams Client like you can do when sending emails to the Team?


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