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Crisis Communication solution feedback

On Monday afternoon, as news of COVID-19 cases spread globally, we pulled together a team to help customers coordinate their own information sharing and team collaboration in response to evolving conditions in times of crisis. Today, less than 48 hours later, we’re releasing the first version of that solution for any customer organization to quickly implement. You can read more about the solution in our blog post or get the full instructions for how you can implement your own Crisis Communication app here.


We're extremely excited to hear how the community leverages this app, so we've created this thread to hear directly from you. Feel free to share your experience customizing the solution and altering it for your own needs. Over the next few weeks, we'll take your responses to make the app even better and post incremental updates. 😁

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@mabolan wrote:

@Anonymous , I think I figured it out. You'll want to...

1. go to the list of components

2. open FAQList

3. select FAQGallery

4. update the Items property so that it sorts by rank

Hi @mabolan , thanks a lot! For me this one was not an issue, it was for @martinkwright I think. But thanks anyway 🙂


I do have some other questions/issues that I posted earlier:

  1. Work status:
    1. When I register a work status for multiple dates, for example today and tomorrow, and login the next day, it again asks me to submit my status, even if the app should already 'know' I'm working from home
    2. It seems that not always, all dates registered as WFH/OO are send to the team. I receaved an email from a co-worker that said 'I will be working from home on these dates' - but there were no dates there. When I did the same, it did send out dates in the email
    3. The autoreply function gives an error. NOTE: I downloaded the latest version last week on Thursday, as @Mr-Dang-MSFT indicated this might solve the issue, but that one gives me all kinds of errors of the type 'Not a valid connector - Error response'. 
  2. I get the impression that the location does not work. in my PowerBI report, I only sometimes see a dot with a location, but usually I don't. Even for my own location, which I did turn on.
  3. Scrolling in Company news does not work properly with the arrow button (it does when using SHIFT+mouse wheel)
  4. I can't get the app to work on my iPhone (I seem to be the only one though, fortunately). It keeps saying there is no source indicated for the app. Have removed the app several times + cleared cache.
  5. On the notifications about company news in Teams:
    1. Can we send a notification in Teams when a new message has been posted in company news without using the Azure AD connection? (I've tried but I can only send it to 1 person then)
    2. I now have it send a Flow bot message to just myself, but when I click on Read more, it leads me to an error page.

Thanks in advance!


Advocate II
Advocate II

Hi there -


The app and the work that has gone into it is absolutely amazing! Thank you to all involved.


I've had a search and I'm struggling to find a solution with adding new statuses. I can easily add a new status but I can't see how to add a new icon. I can reuse one of the icons which is there already but adding a new isn't immediately obvious. Any help appreciated!


Another great template!

Feedback from end users: 

  1. Desire to change colors to make it more "own" without changing all images / controls
  2. The grey area at the top takes up a lot of space if only a few functionalities are being used so maybe this menu should be optional visible --> this way the screen of FAQ will show more items
  3. FAQ categories (even though you have free text search 🙄) are still often desired so FAQ items can be grouped on a category and filtered on a category to guide people on the overall categories like: "Working from home" - "Customer communication" - "To do if sick" etc

Thanks for the great app!
I have it working well on my Teams on Desktop - how can I have it on my Teams mobile app (iOS) ?

Should it even work on mobile?

On my iPhone Teams app i can only see some basic apps like Camera, Files, Wiki etc. but not my Crisis App




Thanks Bryan!

Its a bit embarrassing that it was a simple fix, but I am also glad.

Hi everyone,

We've rolled out a new version of Crisis Communication. This includes updates to the apps and flows.


Please see the readme on the site for instructions on how to update import a new app or flow. Below are some quick highlights


  • The updates to the apps includes some fixes for the Links and FAQs.
  • The Admin app also includes a some fixes on the form behaviors.
  • The news notification flow is now able to reach a larger number of members in a security group with an update to the connector.

There are more updates listed in the readme.


Action: Please let me know how you're customizing the app. I've put in a first phase of exposing some colors and images for styling the menus with the settings OnStart. I'd like to roll out some more improvements so that you can change the styles more easily with updates to the template.

@Mr-Dang-MSFT we are just about to launch the sharing status part of the app to around 7000 staff. It's looking great so thanks for all your work!


A couple of things that would be useful / things to note:

  1. The ability to edit a status is locked away in the code and you can see it in some of the components but doesn't appear while using the app. It would be great once a staff member has a record to change it accordingly. Is that a bug or it just hasn't been built yet?
  2. We are concerned the PowerBI report might not be able to handle 100,000+ records when being stored in a SharePoint list. Is there any advice around this?
  3. It would be great to build PowerBI our further. Perhaps by capturing the Person field in the SharePoint list then being able to break the report down by departments.
  4. Being able to update more of the branding to suit an organisations need would be useful. I haven't played with this too much yet but is on my list to check.
  5. We've added in an additional option that allows staff to say they are working at their usual office location (your instructions made this nice and simple to do). It would have been good to have access to additional icons to keep it consistent

Keep up the good work 🙂

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Hi @Mr-Dang-MSFT !


When I want to update the app, it tells me this:




This does not seem correct as everything is already set up.


What am I doing wrong?





Frequent Visitor

Thanks to all involved in continuing to further this application. We have successfully applied the update and published it to our entire company. All of my nits and bugs that were causing issues have now been resolved with the exception of still hitting some quota when doing Teams notifications. For now, we are sending emails instead. This works. We get about 300 or so out and it then responds with a "Quota has been exceeded" message and stops sending notifications. We have had a ticket in with MSFT for a week now but don't know where we need to go next so that we can send notifications via teams flow.


Annotation 2020-03-24 124131.png


Again, Really appreciate all the support from the team, @Mr-Dang-MSFT @mabolan , during this time. 

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We had the same thing happen to us upon updating. However, when we published everything was fine. I went back to edit and it pulled the information as it did before. 


Just in case it doesn't work the same for you, You can roll back your app to the previous version rather easily. 


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