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Helper II
Helper II

Cursor jumps to the end while typing in a text input box

Hi power apps experts,


I have been experiencing a strange and irritating issue with my app. I have a simple textinput box.
There is a lot of text in this box.

Sometimes, when I am typing text in the first line of textbox. While typing, the cursor jumps to the end of line and I am suddenly typing at the end of line.
This happens multiple times during a day. It always jumps to the end of line.

I have tried placing the text input control in a form, out of a form, changed browser, I am simply not able to fix this issue.

Can anyone help me with this?



That has fixed it. Thanks very much 🙂

New Member

In Edge in iPad I went to settings>General>Search history then turn off.  The wording suggests below:


When this is turned on, Microsoft Edge will show search history in search box before your typing.


when i turned this off I was able to type any search without the cursor jumping to the end.  I only switched to Edge because Pinterest indicated that it didn’t support the outdated explorer in windows so I use edge on my iPad.  Then I discovered this quirk whereby the cursor jumped to the end of the text and wouldn’t let me update ie insert words eg: “what is the time in Spain” and then I want to update this to “what is the timezone in Spain”. If I tried to add timezone I’d add the t and the. The cursor would jump to the end and I got “what is the timez in Spain one”.  Frustrating I nearly scrapped edge in favour of chrome which Microsoft say has the same security in it.  I came across this forum and thought no I am not the only one who thought they were going mad.  Why does Microsoft do such silly things to like this.  It’s like the email account.  When it got updated my settings were changed from email list rather than focused.  If I don’t want focused then why change my settings?

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I am also having this issue even after trying all of the suggestions above. 

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Needed this!! I had completely stopped using Bing on my iPad, couldn't find anything online about it six months ago, it was dumbfounding. Thank you! Google was making me roil. 

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