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Helper III
Helper III

Custom Dropdown Search and Hide function

Good day, Awesome people!


I have a good one here, been fighting with this for awhile... I have built a custom dropdown control using the technique described in this blog post: 


Essentially, using Sequence() to preload numbers into a collection, then adding them to a gallery and controlling by a textbox sitting on top, looks like this (When the gallery is visible):

Dropdown Sequence.PNG

The functionality I am trying to execute is that the textbox is blank and the dropdown is hidden until the user selects the textbox. Once that happens, I want the gallery dropdown to show and start searching once the user starts typing... Once they select the number (or finish typing) the dropdown gallery needs to hide. I can get it to show, hide and update the value of the text box, but cannot make it search and auto hide on selection of  a value... 


Sorry, I hope that is clear enough, I am trying to make this search code on the gallery Items property work but I am missing something:

Search(colLocationList, Surf_QTR_Input.Text, "QTR_Values")

 where 'colLocationList' is the collection storing the number sequence , 'Surf_QTR_Input' is the text input box interacting with the gallery, and "QTR_Values" is the column name in the collection which holds the sequence of numbers... 


Thanks in advance, due to the limitations of formatting the ComboBox I am trying to customize a searchable dropdown solution... 


Happy PowerApp'ing!!  



Accepted Solutions
Helper III
Helper III

Solved this. Just had to rework how the visibility variable was calling. 

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Helper III
Helper III

Solved this. Just had to rework how the visibility variable was calling. 

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