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Custom SharePoint list form, Person field not displaying values in people picker



Since a few hours ago, the people picker control stopped working correctly for any new or edited SharePoint PowerApp forms.

Unchanged forms on SharePoint lists still works as expected.



Create a new SharePoint list, add Person column, customise the form, save and publish.

The result is that when you add a new item, you can start typing a person's name, and you can see it queries and returns a result in the picker options, but all rows are blank.

If you select one of the blank rows and save the item, the SharePoint list has the correct person value saved.


Opening an existing item with a person populated in the list item also seems blank in the PowerApp.


The picker control still picks up DisplayName and Email and other fields from the Choices(...) function for the items, but it seems that those fields don't have values populated correctly.







Accepted Solutions

The fix has been deployed. If you have already published an app with the bug, you will have to open the app in PowerApps Studio and re-publish to get the fix. We apologize for the inconvenience and are reviewing how we can prevent similar incidents from happening in future.


Please let me know if you still are having problems with this issue.

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Hello @BarryBarkley,

Please note that this is a known issue. We're working on a fix and looking for ways to expedite the release of ifxed version.

Meanwhile, one ow the following workarounds may help:

1. Enable "allow multiple selections" on the Persons column in sharepoint. The respective optino must be enabled on the ComboBox control as well.

2. Temporarily replace the ComboBox control with a LookUp control or DropDown control.



I tried the multiselect option on the SP list column as well as on the combo box, This does not work.

Also the other option i cant get to work either.

Any other ideas?

Hi @dinusc,


Thank you for the feedback, much appreciated.

The "Edit Lookup" works yes, but not an ideal solution as the UX is not great for people picker, but mainly because the form data cards have customizations on them, so not a quick fix to change the controls, I'll rather wait for the fix, if possible.


Will you be able to please let me know as soon as the team has a plan or release ETA?


This issue has caused some concern with our customer regarding the production/enterprise readiness for using PowerApps in solutions that are critical for day to day operations. Our saving grace will be if the issue is resolved quickly and effectively as it will help to restore confidence.










Not applicable

Same with me,any option doesnt work.

The fixed version should be available in the middle of next month but we're looking for ways to release sooner.

Thanks for the info, Middle of the month so 2 weeks time.. Will keep an eye out for the fix.

I dont suppose the last change could be rolled back?

#AskingForaFriend 😛


Please keep us informed.



@AndrewTS, can you please validate this scenario with a simple app? The following works for me:

1. Created a SharePoint list with Persons column.

2. Created a blank app. Enabled the "allow multiple selections" option.

3. Added a ComboBox control and bound to Choices(MySPList.MyMultiSelectPersonsColumn)

4. Set Primary Text, Secondary Text, Search Field ComboBox properties to DisplayName



I have created a quick app and put a few screen shots attached to this post.

Thank you for the help

Changing the field to allow selection of "People or groups" also works for standard "Edit Selection" card/ combobox.


But then when doing an initial search, the first options displayed is "Everyone except external" before a user types anything.

We can't allow groups in our scenario..... but might be an option..... need to find a way to filter/invalidate groups selections and we might be in business for a workaround....




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