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Custom SharePoint list form, Person field not displaying values in people picker



Since a few hours ago, the people picker control stopped working correctly for any new or edited SharePoint PowerApp forms.

Unchanged forms on SharePoint lists still works as expected.



Create a new SharePoint list, add Person column, customise the form, save and publish.

The result is that when you add a new item, you can start typing a person's name, and you can see it queries and returns a result in the picker options, but all rows are blank.

If you select one of the blank rows and save the item, the SharePoint list has the correct person value saved.


Opening an existing item with a person populated in the list item also seems blank in the PowerApp.


The picker control still picks up DisplayName and Email and other fields from the Choices(...) function for the items, but it seems that those fields don't have values populated correctly.







maybe we can check if selected item's "Claims" field contains "membership" text.......  "i:0#.f|membership....."

if not, don't allow selection.... or maybe remove from resultset of Choices(...)


but regardless..... probably better to have groups on than changing controls or multi-select always on.



Thank you for the provided information. In my case, I had my SharePoint column configured as "Persons or Gorups". When I change it to "Persons only" then I can reproduce the issue. 

I will update this thread with ETA to release the fixed version.

Can confirm I have the same issue. 

2 Weeks for a fix is kind of .... not great to say the least.



Hi Mike,

We're looking into ways to expedite the fix but I don't have any more details now. I will update this thread when I have more information.



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Kudo Kingpin

We experience the same (or similar) issue. It appeared suddenly yesterday. I can replicate it in two PowerApps environments.


Perfectly working PowerApps can be "broken" if we open it in Design mode and save it.


The result will look like this:


People picker.png



Picker 2.png

Update: The fixed version should be available in the next couple of days.

Advocate I
Advocate I

Thanks for the update @dinusc, please let us know when it's released, so we can remove the allow groups workaround soonest...

Oh thank goodness, I was worried I'd done something horribly wrong.


"I could have sworn this was working the other day!"


Glad to hear a fix is coming soon. 

The fix has been deployed. If you have already published an app with the bug, you will have to open the app in PowerApps Studio and re-publish to get the fix. We apologize for the inconvenience and are reviewing how we can prevent similar incidents from happening in future.


Please let me know if you still are having problems with this issue.

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Has the fix been deployed to all tenants?  I have several custom forms that I was about to roll out.  I thought they were working perfectly until I tried to add a new item using a test user I created. Person fields do not do a lookup. I even made my test user a member of the site owners group.  In addition to the Person field not working, choice fields do not display choices.  Instead when a user other than myself tries to add an item it displays "Displaying 0 result(s)" when the drop-down arrow is clcked. With all these forms, these fields work if I use a default Sharepoint form instead of a custom PowerApp form. 

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