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Advocate I

Custom component Visible property not working anymore when binded to a var

Hey everyone,


Since yesterday, the Visible property of my custom components doesn't seem to react to the backing variable changes.


In many places in my canvas apps I use components to display warning or progress messages while the app is working


For example, in the App OnStart event:

Set(IsWorking, true);
// ... long running process ...
Set(IsWorking, false);

then I bind a custom component Visible property to the IsWorking variable and it works fine....well that was until yesterday!


I tried to explicitly call Reset(component_name) after changing the var value, same result. I even tried triggering the variable change on a button click just to isolate the problem...again same result.


Strangely, if I change the Visible property directly in the "formula bar" by typing the variable name, it works.


I've found a workaround using containers instead of components, even tough I don't like using experimental features...but at least it works!


Anyone had the same problem?





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Hi @FPI-Marc @Mizz @MarkPP ,

A fix was rolled out earlier today for this issue. Can you let us know if it is resolved for you?

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I've had some unexplainable behaviour in created components aswell. You may want to check whether the name of the variable is set both in the app as well as in the component ie. are you also using IsWorking within the component?


Not sure whether this solves it, but I remember having an issue with this at some point in time.

Hi Mizz,


Actually the "IsWorking" variable is only used to toggle the component visibility, as you would do for any other controls. So it is declared in the app OnStart and then used in different functions of the app.


The strangest thing about this situation is that it worked very well in the past 2 months and then it stopped working. This might has to do with a bug introduced  in a recent PowerApps version.



I am getting the exact same issue which only appears to have started in the past few days. My issue has been around the visible property and also setting the colours of components using a custom input property.


Hopefully a fix will be issued soon.

Hi @FPI-Marc @Mizz @MarkPP ,

A fix was rolled out earlier today for this issue. Can you let us know if it is resolved for you?

Works perfectly now!


Thanks @Mr-Dang-MSFT !

Works great again 🙂 Thanks @Mr-Dang-MSFT 

hi @Mr-Dang-MSFT 


Custom component Visible property not working anymore when binded to a var, it seems to be hapenning again. In my case, in some screens it works perfectly, but in one particularly, it doesn't.



Advocate IV
Advocate IV

I am also having an issue with a Component being visible when it is supposed to be - except, my issue has nothing to do with the Visible property (it is just set to true).


My component does not always show on the screen, and there is no logic to when it decides not to render.

This happens when the app initially loads - either the component is there (25% of the time) or it is not (75% of the time). Just Refreshing the Page a few times, and quite suddenly, it'll decide to appear.


I used to get this behaviour quite a lot when I had more than one instance of a component on the screen - only the first instance would render, and the second instance would only render some of the time. When I submitted a Ticket to Microsoft, their fix was:

"Copy the Component, and use the second Component as the second instance" - While it worked, it was clearly bypassing the entire point of Components in the first place.


I mentioned this back-story, because I have also tried this technique with my current App, but it hasn't fixed the problem - this "second" component is still really buggy, and only shows on the screen sometimes.


Obviously, this is completely unacceptable, and can't be used for a real LIVE App that is used by the business.


So, is there any update on when this Bug might be fixed, so we can actually use Components as they are intended to be used?




Does anyone know why these components are so buggy?

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