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Custom newform.aspx not saving data back to List

Hi folks,


I've been around the forum looking for a simple answer to this one. There lots of ideas but none of them have worked despite looking identical to my problem.


We have customised the newform to include two look up lists. One defines the values available in the other.

In this case:

a "Buildings" look up to a building List

a "Rooms" Lookup to a Rooms List which is linked to the building List to create a relationship, facilitating the ability to show a Filtered set list of rooms based on the building.

This works. No issues there.


However when saving the data only the Building is updated to the List, the Room is empty.



The Building card is "building_DataCard1"

The building drop down is called "buildingValue"

Update for building_DataCard1 is currently set to "buildingValue.Selected"

The room card is "room_DataCard1"

The room dropdown is called "roomValue" (the filtered set a values)

Update for room_DataCard1 is currently set to "roomValue.Selected"


Filtering is achieved using this for Items in the roomValue dropdown:

Filter(rooms, roombuilding.Value = buildingValue.Selected.Value).Title


Given that the Update functions are the same, but only the building is submitted, where is the value from the selected Room going?


Have tried:

Using a Collection in App->OnStart in place of a direct lookup, it didn't make any difference.

Tried to use this but it threw errors -
And changing the room_DataCard1 Update to be {value:roomValue.Selected.Title} < "Title" is the column with the room numbers
Any suggestions or help gratefully received, I have been scratching my head over this for two weeks (on and off).


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