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Advocate II

Customizing Forms from SharePoint List Not Showing Changes

This seems to be the same exact issue that was reported on previous thread (  I've tried the "solution" that worked for that user of switching the form in the form settings and switching back, but that did not work.


Basically, whenever I use the "Customize Forms" option from a SharePoint Online list (twice now), I can customize the form in PowerApps, Save, then Publish, but after a couple of changes and republishing, my changes stop being published and I've had to completely delete and redo the forms to get it working again, but then it starts happening AGAIN which is tremendously frustrating because it seems that just when I get to the point of getting the form customized and changed just right, the changes stop showing on the published form.  So, I've added 8 additional fields/columns onto my View form and have also changed the multiline text box to PlainText so that the "<div>" tag is removed, and while in PowerApps and reviewing the form ALL CHANGES SHOW CORRECTLY.  However, once I publish, the changes are NOT on the published form.  I've even gone in and deleted previous versions of the form in case there were some weird caching issues, but still the "LIVE"/published form does not match when I'm editing and the changes made.  See images.


Complaint Form - View Form from SharePoint.pngComplaint Form - View Form from PowerApps.png


I've reported this before without any resolution, and it's becoming a problem.  I'd prefer to not have to always create a canvas app and would like to simply customize the SharePoint form which SHOULD be simpler and quicker, but this option has become more time consuming than a canvas app due to trying to troubleshoot this not working.


This seems to ONLY happen when I use the "Customize Forms" option from the SharePoint list.  If I create a new canvas app from scratch and use a SharePoint list as the data source (I have several of these), it does NOT happen and the PowerApps form works fine.



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