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Power Apps
Power Apps

We are currently investigating some reports of apps documents failing to load in Studio (Windows and Web) in the v630 release. We apologise for the inconvenience while we figure this out.

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There is a problem with the telemetry for your specific issue, could you please get the Studio failure logs from your Windows machine and contact @mayuro via PM and get them to him? We are investigating this with the utmost priority but have hit some unexpected roadblocks. (We are also getting the Support Ticket link fixed).


We are very sorry for these issues and share your concern about getting them addressed asap.

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I am also seeing the same error. When opening in web editor, I get:


errorMessage: Uncaught Error: Unable to schedule task, ContainerManager._scheduleLayoutChildren is on the banned list for too much recursion.


When opening in PowerApps desktop, it just crashes without any message. The crash event in the Application event log has no details.


The app also appears to be FUBAR in the android client and won't work properly. This is not a result of app changes.


This is a total blocker for PowerApps use -- our app is no longer functional simply as a result of an apparent service change. How do we revert this change immediately to get back to known working state? And how do we prevent this major break from happening in the future?

Yeah, it's very frustrating indeed...

Very unprofessional, Microsoft (if PowerApps is Microsoft product at all, probably bought product and left there alone)

Many bugs and missing fundamental features.

It seems it's not accidental that PowerApps Ideas contains 2055 items, but PowerApps Knowledge Base has only 3 items.

Nobody knows nothing, only 3 things are known :-€

Has anybody seen the roadmap for PowerApps? What are their planes for the future?



wannabe PowerApps user


Is there any update on this, i am having the same issue

Frequent Visitor

I am facing the same issue. I cannot edit/open powerapps in web or desktop since july 8. The edit view is showing empty content and it crashes every time i want to make an edit

Please get the session id then try to edit on the web. Assuming that fails, post the session id here.

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