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Data Sources "Not Connected"

I opened powerapps today (was working fine yesterday) and found that none of my data sources would connect. When clicking add connection the box is empty. Access the connections form it says 'Failed to retrieve the connections', clicking add gives the following error:


Encountered internal server error from Azure Resource Manager. The tracking Id is 'a4931833-5f8d-4f7a-a60d-e2a34bf7e523'.


This is a great concern - we were about to roll out powerapps to a test group, but if an app is going to randomly deny all data connections then I have a problem! Please can someone help me diagnose whats happening and make sure it doesnt happen again?





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Up until the upgrade the remove option was available when you selected the source; since the upgrade I can't get on PA at all (whole other issue being investigated); so can't advise unfortunately.

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I can't figure it out since the upgrade...  what a pain!


Thanks for the thought anyway - hopefully one of the staff here will see this and advise.

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Same here, the option seems to be gone.

There used to be a tab for an overview of the connections (with an option to delete them), which is now replaced with 'rules'.



I found it: Go to the 'View' tab on the top left and click on Data sources.



I'm not certain, but I'd suggest navigating to the PowerApps Web portal at, click on connections, and see if you can re-authorize the "not connected" connections there.



As always, if you post the SessionID from the session in which you encounter a given error, we can take a look in server logs and hopefully that will allow us to diagnose more accurately. To get the session ID from the PowerApps Studio, you can click on Account and then under Diagnostics, select "Session Details". In the Web portal you can use CTRL-ALT-A to output diagnostics which includes the session ID (don't paste other info from that output here as it could contain PII or other sensitive information).


Hope that helps


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@Anonymous You are a star thank you - it seems ALL of the connections needed to be deleted including sharepoint lists and flows. Adding them back in has restored the connections.


@davidme thank you for agreeing to look into this although removing and readding has fixed the issue for now. Session ID: f72165a2-74cf-ab85-89e8-5e871110883e
PowerApps 2.0.702






I still don´t understand how this issue was affected.


At all time, I was able to open, use and edit my PowerApps on Win8. But not on Win10 and iOS.
Now Win10 is also fine, without doing anything (you don´t have to remove/add connections).

But iOS is still loading until infinity.


It has to be Region & Device/Version related. But nevermind, I´m sure iOS will, as well as Win10 did, work again magically after some time.


Have all a nice weekend 🙂 Expecially the MS workers, who were working on that!



I suspect it was region related. Since the incident only affected the Europe region, if your sessions from Win8 didn't access an environment in Europe, that would explain why they were working fine while your other sessions that likely did access an environment in Europe were not.


@Anonymous, glad to hear you were able to repair your data sources. Thanks to the community for your support!


Sorry again for the incovenience!




This morning iOS still didn´t work.

But since several minutes, it´s fine 🙂


Now all of my devices (and operation systems) can connect to the data sources and execute the apps sucessfully. Smiley Very Happy

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Same problem appears again today - 12/12/2018.


I am lossing my trust in PowerApp to implement some business critical process using it.


@Microsoft,  any thoughts ?

Same here... On Prem Gateway says "Active", but all my connections wont even load.  


I retry and they may appear.  When the do, there is one that will not connect.  I fix it every time, to no avail.


Whats up?  Nothing found in the status:



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