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Data card won't move to another position on screens.

I am trying to customize a generated app by moving a data card to a different position on the screen.  Every time I try to move it, it bounces back the orignal positition or someplace else I don't want.  I edited to x,y properties to  move it to a position but no work.  I was thinking there might be a formula someplace that was generated when creating the app   but couldn't find one if there is.

Any ideas would be helpful.




Heads up @spdevel!!


After enabling this and working for awhile then saving... I opened my app to find it completely UNUSABLE. Had to turn this setting off to make the app work again. 


Here is a thread explaining:

I had a long struggle to position controls I added to a modified user input form. No editing of Y-values helped. At last, I found out that there were two important things in order to get it to work: 0. Click on an existing Datacard and in the right column click Edit. 1. Put a new control inside a card. So you should first make a new card by clicking on ... Fields! Microsoft's logic. After clicking on Fields > New field, a new Datacard is inserted. Now insert a control in it. 2. Now you can move the card (with the control) up and down (with 1 column layout at least, I did not try other layouts), by dragging the field in the field in de data column. Good luck!
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If you are able to get the data cards into the layout you like (using the default layout options or otherwise) you can also go into the data fields area and renumber/drag and drop them (in the field list not on the screen) into the order you prefer...

Doest this mean no freeform placing fields ? 



im tryign to make a complicated FORM that LOOKS like our paper form, and unfortunately it doesnt work...


as you see in this sample.. all white are form fields..

For what its worth,  I have found trying make a form look different based on the look in feel of what you want to, taking more effort that it is worth.


For this reason,  unless the desired outcome is very simple and the form suits,  I do not use forms at all anymore.  I use unbound controls that I can manipulate easily and then just patch to add or update.  If I am coming from a gallery I dont use the gallery.selected method for this when a row is clicked,  I just create variable based on the row.  Like Set(vAlldata,ThisItem).  This create a variable with a table populate with a the rows data.


This in the defaults to the controls,  I simple put vAlldat.Columnname where Columnname = the column in your source.  If I am creating a new record I simply use Set(vAllData,Blank())  and then reset all the controls.  They will now be blank and ready for input


There are some obvious tweaks to the above,  but does allow me to play with layouts.  


Before going to the fields I also set a variable to say whether I am in edit or new mode.  EG: Set(vNew,false) this means Edit Mode and alternative if moving from the Gallery I set to true 


Then a button to patch


If(vNew=false,Patch updated data, Patch new data)  

I only found App Settings and there is no Advanced Settings. Mind if you take a screen shot?

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If you are facing this issue  which ever datacard you want to move down add some value to it example if its 100 type 110 so that datacard will move down so that way you can rearrange

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