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Data from SharePoint lists not loading sometimes

I am building a simple app which mostly pulls data from a couple of simple SharePoint lists (text, numbers, etc). It was all working well until today when I started seeing this error message: 


"Failed to load [data source]. The specified record was not found." where [data source] is a SharePoint list.


The thing is that it happens only intermittently - maybe 2-3 times out of 10. What could be causing this?


well nice, very much thank you


MS please solve this issue very quickly

got problems as well -> Sometimes it is working, mostly not ..... Drop Down fields are are loading slowly or not at all ....

Frequent Visitor

Same here,


Problems started around Thursday last week, easily reproducable, c'mon MS, how is this acceptable? Intermittent failures now for 5 days straight!!! Wasted 3 hrs trying to figure out what i was doing wrong as well last week, as the status page says no issues, so i assumed it was me.


Session ID: 474139cc-60b0-4463-9a9a-b1c71ddd7b57


EDIT Partial work around - as a previous poster mentioned, this only occurs in Apps running in the Europe based environments.  I just created a new US based environment and uploaded the app there, slow but it works.




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Same problem here. Sessionid: 7efecd83-2513-e24a-bc9c-74eeef123a85. Hurry up Microsoft! You are making a promising tool look very bad...

Still nothing? People have provided session ID's and narrowed the issue down to the EU. I cannot change my region so I'm stuck at the moment - impossible to develop/debug when things are like this. If anything it's gotten worse over the weekend.


BTW - my session ID: e051d195-3f2e-9854-e5aa-40210fd4201c

Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused, we are actively looking into it.


Thanks for reporting this.

Please do it quick. Our clients are sending emails instead of using powerapps.


And please develop a status tool inside o365 admin that takes data from powerapps status and interconnects with sharepoint. Saves a lot of confusion.


Powerapps is great looking tool that can make a hole in the market of mobile apps, please dont ruin it.

Hi All,


If you agree that better monitoring is indispensable for future success of powerapps usage please vote this idea


post comments or create similar.



Dear All,


Today with the same apps I am missing the occasional connectivity issues. Don't know if this will be permanent behaviour but it’s worth to retry our apps.



Power Apps
Power Apps

We have mitigated this issue from our side. Can you please try again and let us know if you still experience errors?


Also, I want to apologize that it took us long to detect and mitigate this problem. Thanks for your suggestions on communicating status. We are working on a plan to communicate more detailed status. We will share out details on this soon.

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