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Data source may be invalid

Hi everyone,


Since latests updates of PowerApps, all my Apps connected to SharePoint lists are broken :

I have some very simple apps, wich contains 3 screens :

  • Home (displaying a gallery of my SharePoit list items)
  • AddScreen (A simple form to add an item in the SharePoint list)
  • EditScreen (A simple forme to edit an item)

All of this was working fine last week, and today, on the edit screen every time i want to save my updated item ( SubmitForm(EditForm) ) i randomly have one of these two errors :

  • We encountered a problem saving your changes. The data source may not be valid.
  • Conflicts exist with the changes made on the server. Recharge. Response from server: ETAG mismatch.

Does anybody have an idea of what is happening ? these apps are running in production environment so this is very embarrassing for my client...


Thanks by advance,

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I'm having the exact same issue when submitting forms to the CDS. The submit button suddenly has an error message "The requested operation is invalid. Server response: A value must be provided for this item" which comes and goes. When I click the submit button I get the red header error "Your data source may be invalid." Oh, and the Edit forms do not load consistently, they're sometimes blank for no reason. This all started on Monday--the app was previously working perfectly, and I had made no changes to it. 

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I am currently suffering from the same issue with an almost idenical app set up. I recently changed my data source from a excel spreadsheet in OneDrive to a Sharepoint list. The list is currently gives "Everyone except external users" edit permission, however some people are able to use the app normally and some recieve the error messages. I have tried reconnecting the data connections. 


Session ID: b51d16ca-b6b3-4a99-b162-99af85c0217b
PowerApps 3.18075.22


Please help!

Did you follow the advice to add the refresh(SharePoint list) in the SharePoint Integration Object?


See my blog here



Thank you for responding!


Where can I find the SharePoint Integration-->On Edit?


I have one gallery displaying items from the list, one new form adn one edit form.

Look in the lefthand column when you customize the form ...


If this is NOT a sharepoint list with an attached embedded SharePoint form then follow the advice given earlier in this thread


Focus on the post that starts with "Todays the day.... on page 7"




I added the following lines to the OnSelect section of the add new button and edit button in my gallery adn check mark on both my new form and edit form. I still recieve the same errors.


OnSelect (Gallery-Add new item)

Navigate(TimeSubmission, ScreenTransition.Fade)


OnSelect (Gallery-Edit Item)



OnSelect (New Form and Edit Form):

Refresh('Time Sheets_1');SubmitForm(DailyForm)

Nav to your edit form that is getting the ETAG error with this code from the gallery button selector to the edit form:

Navigate(MyEditScreen2, ScreenTransition.None, {SelectedItem: MyBrowseGallery1.Selected})

notice that third optional parm is the list item to gallery super glue.

Put this code in the submit on that form that gets the errors (check box upper right) of the submit form:


Yes, I've tried that and it's not working, do you have any other suggestions?


Session ID: 735551d3-013f-414d-8a34-5eee9cdddee4
PowerApps 3.18075.22

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Found out that the problem was related to SharePoint Designer Workflows executed on the list...

I think that, when worflows are launched (when an item in the list is created or modified), the list item definition is changed (obvously) so PowerApps item definition is quite different from SharePoint (source) item. And that is why there is a conflict when i try to update the item inside my PowerApp.

I tried to add some refresh, but that didn't worked at all.

The only solution i've found is to disable all SharePoint Designer Workflows executed on my list, then replace them by Microsoft Flow. Now my Application is working fine !

I'm a bit tired of "Evolutions/Updates" in O365 that broke things wich worked fine...

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I just modified a SharePoint OnLine form. I have the same problem! I just added a Toggle to hide a text field...

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