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Impactful Individual

Data source variables are still referring to old values in different environment



As per the recent addition of SP lists to be changed as per the environment variables as explained here -


The migration process is not working as expected for me at all, I have done as follows:


In the existing app, I have added list connector with data source variables by enabling the app settings for the 

Saved working Power apps app, and then removed variable values as explained in the above article

Imported the same solution into different environment with different SP site and list values


However, when I run the application, it still adds values in the site and list which was mentioned in the previous environment. I have re-checked the environment variables into new environments which are all as expected with different SP list and site. Unfortunately it's not changing the functionality for the different list for me..


Can you please help me what's wrong for me in the migration?



Advocate I
Advocate I

This issue seems to have been resolved on my tenancy.

I cannot longer edit the canvas app in a managed solution.
The data connections that are using environment variables are now pointing to the correct environment set during the import of the managed solution.

Also there was an issue with "Allow searching" in combo box. If the option was ON, when the solution was imported to a new environment the "Allow searching" option was OFF.  From my tests this issue has been resolved as well.  Definitely few steps in the right direction for ALM. Well done Microsoft!!!

Hi capoaus75


So I can still edit canvas in a managed solution but despite the SharePoint Data Source URL displaying the old URL - when I play the app it is actually pointing to the new data source.  Happy with that.


I experienced the same issue with 'Allow Searching' and had to manually fix this.  The other thing I need to do I reconnect my SMTP connector as I have not been able to bring this across in the solution using a connection reference - any ideas?


Now I have created an unmanaged layer to fix the above I am slightly concerned what will happen when I deploy a solution update.....

Advocate I
Advocate I

Hi @danbarrett 

I had the same experience as you, for a few days I was still able to edit the canvas app and the SharePoint Data Source was still displaying the old URL. Now I cannot longer edit the Canvas app in the managed app although I am still able to edit PowerAutomate.

Regarding the SMTP connector I do not have any useful ideas...I had a go at it but I was not able to find a solution.

I will updated this post if I come across anything useful


Thanks capoaus75 - that's really helpful.


I will keep playing around with the SMTP connector - i've created a connector reference but can't seem to link it back to the connector in the app.


Advocate I
Advocate I

I may have spoken too early!!!
My colleague and I are having the same issue with two different solutions.
When importing from Dev environment to Test environment we get prompted to enter the values for the environment variables and everything is imported successfully.
When we play the canvas apps we get the following error. 
"The specified record was not found. Server Response: NAME OF THE LIST failed: List not found clientRequestId: 3a7ec33e-26c0-4e25-a204-890XXXXXX serviceRequestId: 3a7ec33e-26c0-4e25-a204-890bXXXXXX"

Looking at the Network traffic Headers I can see the following invoke error:

  1. Request URL:
  2. Request Method:
  3. Status Code:
    404 Not Found
  4. Remote Address:
  5. Referrer Policy:

Request Headers


The GUID for the table (84fa122f-51af-460d-8feb-0xxxxxxxxxx) refers to the list in the DEV environment and not in the TEST environment.

Also on the TEST environment if I look at the solution layers for the canvas app I can see the connection is pointing to the DEV environment

dataSets pointing to sites/XXXDev 
dataSources tableName pointing to 84fa122f-51af-460d-8feb-0xxxxxxxxxx (Guid for the list in DEV environmet)






If I look a the relevant environment variable in the default solution in the TEST environment I can see that is set to connect to the correct site and list in the TEST environment.

So it seems that this canvas app is not updating the connection to the DataSource when imported to TEST.

The only work around at the moment is to import in TEST an unmanaged solution and reset the data source to point to TEST, but this is not what ALM is all about.

Also it's very strange that I cannot replicate this issue on some other apps/solutions.

Anyone experiencing the same? Any ideas on how to solve it?

My next move is to create a new solution and new canvas app to see if I can replicate the issue.

Thank you.

Hi capoaus75,


Sorry i've been on leave.  How odd - have you made any progress? I wonder if its has anything to do with when the app was created?  Really want to avoid unmanaged solutions!


My new problem is users are getting "flow failed: Connection not configured for this service" error when importing a solution from DEV to TEST.  Works fine in DEV.  Connection is fine.  The solution here fixed it but I don't really want to add every single user in the company to the Basic User security group - don't need to in DEV.



I feel the ALM model is about 80% working for me.  I can still edit managed solutions in my tenant, but all the connections now seem to work and point to the right data sources.    I'm wondering if your issue is caused depending on the app was first created?  Let me know how you get on....



Frequent Visitor

I have the same problem as everyone else with canvas apps not updating the sharepoint datasources to the ones set by the environment variables when deploying to a new environment. 
I also have the same problem that @danbarrett has where flows used in the canvas apps lose the connection.
I tried the work around with setting permissions in the Basic User-group but didnt get it to work, but might have missed some steps maybe.

The only "work around" i have seen now is to just edit the apps and remove and add the datasources and flows again but that removes the whole point with using variables.

Though the environment variables seems to work well in flows and when they are run in the new environment they use the new values.

Anyone know if this is on the point of being fixed anytime soon or do we have to live with having to change the apps after deployment still for a while?

Advocate I
Advocate I

Hi @danbarrett and @JensWesterlund 
I can confirm I am still experiencing the following issues when migrating a solution to another environment.

  • When using a Combo Box and the items are set to Choices([@DATASOURCE].COLUMNAME) the population of the Combo Box fails because it's trying to connect to the list specified in the source environment and the list cannot be found in the destination environment.
    To workaround this issue in the destination environment I need to edit the app, delete the data source and re-create it.
  • With a Combo Box if the Allow searching option is set to On, when the solution is imported in the destination environment the option is set to Off
  • I also have the problem where flows used in the canvas apps lose the connection and I agree with you @JensWesterlund removing the flow and add it again solve the issue.

In my opinion editing any power app or power automate in any environments other than DEV removes the point of ALM and they cannot be consider proper solutions.

I have a ticket opened with Microsoft Support and they are working on it. I will update here as soon as I have some news.

Frequent Visitor

Hey mate,

I'm also facing the same issue. Could it that the fix for this update is not rolled out yet in Australia region?

I'm based out of Australia but some of the folks based out of states don't see this issue.

If you don't mind me asking , your tenancy is based in which region.

I have a personal tenancy which I guess is in US region. I will try out this issue in there.

Let's see what Microsoft comes back with. 


Advocate I
Advocate I

Hi @AK06 
My tenancy is based in Australia.
It could be a valid reason, but I had a look at the Microsoft 365 Road Map and I cannot find any info.
I have a personal tenancy based in the UK. I will give it a go to see if it makes any difference.

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