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Impactful Individual

Data source variables are still referring to old values in different environment



As per the recent addition of SP lists to be changed as per the environment variables as explained here -


The migration process is not working as expected for me at all, I have done as follows:


In the existing app, I have added list connector with data source variables by enabling the app settings for the 

Saved working Power apps app, and then removed variable values as explained in the above article

Imported the same solution into different environment with different SP site and list values


However, when I run the application, it still adds values in the site and list which was mentioned in the previous environment. I have re-checked the environment variables into new environments which are all as expected with different SP list and site. Unfortunately it's not changing the functionality for the different list for me..


Can you please help me what's wrong for me in the migration?



Frequent Visitor

After testing a bit more it seems like it updates some of the references since when I export my solution from DEV into TEST and run the app, the galleries in the apps use the new data source from the environment variables in the TEST environment. 
But the references in combo boxes does not seem to get updated so I get errors when I for example have a comb box where Items=Choices([@CV].Person) wich still seems to point to the old list.

And if go in and edit the app, I still see in the galleries used in the app that it shows values from lists from the new environment variables but if i look under Data at the data sources they still point to the old values from the DEV-environment and if I press "Edit data" it opens up the list from the data source in the old environment.

Hi @JensWesterlund 

I am experiencing the same issue as you.
Is your tenancy located in Australia?

No, in West Europe.

4 Months later I still have this exact same problem.


After a successful environment migration of my PowerApps Solution, datasources still visual refer to the previous data sources and also the "Edit data" option navigates to the previous data source.

 I guess we have to live with it until MS fixes it.

Helper I
Helper I

Just a quick update to say that the issue is still present on my tenancy. The ticket I have opened with Microsoft support has been escalated but not solution yet.
In the meanwhile to facilitate moving the solutions between environments I have changed the combo boxes that are using the Choices function for example




to use a collection


Items= colRequestType


I populate the collection on screen Onvisible  




Using this approach fixed the issue with the IsSearchable switching back to false when the solution is moved to a new environment. 
For Combo boxes that are connected to a SharePoint to a Person or Group column, I have used the connection Office365Users


Items = Filter(Office365Users.SearchUser({searchTerm:Trim(cboRequestorName.SearchText)}),AccountEnabled=true && Not("#EXT#" in UserPrincipalName))


cboRequestorName Fields:

Primary text: DisplayName
Secondary text: Mail
SeachField: DisplayName

On the DataCard I have changed the Update property from:

Update: cboRequestorName.Selected




Claims: "i:0#.f|membership|" & Lower(cboRequestorName.Selected.Mail),
DisplayName: cboRequestorName.Selected.DisplayName,
Email: cboRequestorName.Selected.Mail,
Department: "",
JobTitle: "",
Picture: ""


Unfortunately I still need to use an unmanaged solution when I am moving the solution between environments but using the workaround above I do only need to re-add the connections and I do not have to worry about the controls on the app.

Thanks for sharing this approach. I will definitely try this extension to my collection approach in the next couple of months.

But, hopefully Microsoft will be able to resolve the issue before I will try 🤔

Frequent Visitor

Just wondering if MS has supplied any kind of work around or solution for this yet.  We are into 2022 and this has been out for a while now.  I've got a ticket with MS and they seem clueless!

Regular Visitor

I am still working as before. Load data to collections and refer all components tot the collections.

When changing environment I remove the sources and add them back pointing to the other environment.

This is doable for my 24 connections and new releases every other month and also mainly the reason I have not looked into other options. Just lacking the time for it.

Helper I
Helper I

Can confirm this is still absolutely an issue and doesn't seem to have had any consistent improvement over the last year. Using env variables for ALM with SP lists is unworkable as I effectively have to just thrash around in the target environment, creating unmanaged layers, just making as many changes as I can until - arbitrarily- something will make them work. I've kept track and its a different thing each time (creating unmanaged layer on the app, in the varible it self, saving and publishing a billion times)


So we have to comprimise our ALM to overcome this. Now I have a sol I'm deploying to PROD (obviously will less wiggle room to 'thrash around' in) and I've managed to get it so that when I load the PowerApp in the studio (via the Default solution) it is pointing to the correct list. However playing the same app it continues to point to the old list.


The best bit is that these env var's are brand new to this environment, have never existed in this dataverse pointing to any other list.... so the underlying cause of this issue transports with the solution.


Really poor work undermining the Power Platform ALM forcing us to look towards other solutions for our low-code business apps.

Helper I
Helper I

Hi @WillJay 
I have just deployed a managed solution to my test environment and I am glad to say that all the environment variables are correctly pointing to TEST. I do not have to re-add the connections as described in my previous post.

If I go to the Default solution in TEST and open the canvas app, I can still see that the Dataset names are still showing the DEV name but the data is correctly saved to the TEST SPO lists.

This started to work when I have updated the authoring version from 3.22022.23 to 3.22022.31

@WillJay  which authoring version are you running?

I will keep testing other solutions to see if the issue with the IsSearchable switching back to false and Combo boxes using the Choices function  have been resolved as well. I will update here ASAP.

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