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Datacard Height Bug

Hello, since the recent update to PowerApps, the height of all my datacards in my forms have been changed to 225 automatically. I manually changed them back to my required height, but every time I save and republish, the heights change back to 225. I attached pictures of what my form used to look like and what it now looks like.

Is there a bug in the new update? Or am I missing an important update in the editor?


This issue could be mitigated by setting the Height property of affected cards to a small value (say 5). The Height property is only a minimum. If the contents are larger, the actual height of the card will grow to fit the contents.

If this is the problem you are facing, the fix will be coming soon.

 The fix for this bug will be rolling out by the end of this week. The version to look out for is 3.19042.

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@tahoon I am currently running version 3.19043.16 and I am encountering this issue more than ever.  Did the fix rollout as intended?

Yes, the fix should be available now. If you are still experiencing issues, could you describe them? Could be an unrelated bug.

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@tahoon Thanks for the response.  Please see more detail below.


I am working on a sharepoint list linked PowerApp.  I am using 5 global variables for a "tabbed" UI feel.  For no apparent reason, when switching between tabs, the height of the datacards will expand to an excessive value.


I am in the process of a 3rd complete build.  I'm basically monitoring for the issue, then back tracking to the latest save before the issue began to present.  


No clear cause or remedy.


@tahoon  Thanks again for taking a moment to help.

Can you describe how the tabs are set up? Which controls have their Visibility property change, and what is the expression of the Visibility property?


Does the bug happen in Studio also or only when playing the app? If it happens only when playing the app, ensure that the latest changes have been published (not just saved).

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The tabs are buttons with an OnSelect value of Set(varformtab = "Header1"), Set(varformtab = "Header2"), etc.  The data cards have a Visible value of varformtab = "Header1", etc... Using this I have categorized about 35 data cards.  


This happens in the studio and in the app.  And it doesn't always happen the first time I set a variable active.  I can bounce around the form a few times before the height on some of the tabs goes wonky.


And, it seems to be isolated to 2 of the 5 tabs.  I set the minimum height to 5 on the top row (3 data cards) of one of the 2 problemeatic tabs and it snapped back to order.  The other is fully extended and will not budge.

Is this a form with multiple columns?

Try setting the Height of all data cards to 5 and see if it solves the problem. If it does not, it could be a different bug than the one in the thread.

Helper III
Helper III

I keep getting this. Some data cards default to a height of 103.  I can change them but they all change back to 103. Others default to 73 and fail to display the data.  These data cards I can change to any height I like and it sticks.

What on earth is going on?

Helper III
Helper III

And I can't position them where I want.  Some data cards I can position them but others overwrite my instructions and move them to the bottom of the form.  What am I missing?

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