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Advocate II
Advocate II

Datatable - fields disappearing - Version 2.0.692

Good day. 


I would like to report a frustrating bug on the Databable , wherein the column/fields are disappearing when setting Filter. 

I believe that there are other posts about this issue already, but i just want to show my experience on this problem. 


So i have a PowerApp, where i will display a master/detail information about a drive information. All our data is stored in a sharepoint list using Sharepoint online. in the image below, i just added a datatable, and i have not set any Filtering yet. 


Initial form without filter.PNG


Now, when i added the Filter function so i can get the search working according to the 3 fields, the datattable fields disappeared. 

Notice the error message that appeared on the datatable. it will appear on any column that i put in the Filter condition.


apply filter, fields lost.png


so i manually added the fields again. 


added columns again..png


Then i run the App to test the search function, i put a search keyword, then the Fields disappared. But take note that the details form underneath is displaying the search result of the databable. which is correct, but the datatable information are nowhere to be found.

search name, but columns can't be seen.PNG


And when i clear the search textbox, the fields are still gone. 


cleared search name, columns lost.PNG


Then i go back to the designer, now the fields are gone in the datatable. so i have to add it back again..??


back to designer, fields are lost again...PNG


And publishing the App before i test the search will persist the disappearing fields upong testing. so i need to make sure

that the designer will work bug free before publishing.


This is getting to be a major problem, as i need to make changes to my app and we would like it to finish QA for deployment in the coming days. 


I hope that this bug/issue will be fixed as soon as possible. 

It was working well before Version 2.0.692 came. 


Please advise, 

Thank you very much.


Yours sincerely, 

Rommel Sudan

Kudo Kingpin
Kudo Kingpin

I've already reported this bug -- but have yet to get a response from a Microsoft representative on it.  Please go here and vote it up so it gets attention.

Thanks for reporting. We are aware of this issue and will release a fix soon. In the meantime please see if some of the workarounds I mentioned on the other thread (linked above) help.


Still disappearing in 2.0.711 on Windows 10.

Hi Ray, the fix is not released yet. Will reply here when it is. In the meantime did you look at the workarounds I had provided? Do any of these help alleviate for now?




Once the fields have disappeared I can't get it to allow me to add them back in. Going to the data source, to do this, I can see all of them, but the screen never gets to a place where I can select any of them. 



Can you try and removing and adding the data table to see if that helps? We are aware of this issue where Data table sometimes gets stuck updating fields and are working on a fix. It is hard to repro since it is caused by some race conditions that trigger only when you are not trying to 🙂

That did it. Thank you!

Great, thanks again for keeping us aware of the challenges you are facing. We are working hard to alleviate them as soon as possible.

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