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Dataverse DateTime Field (Time zone adjustment: User Local), Convert stored DateTime to show in other Timezone as the same (like time zone independent)

Hey community,


i have created a Timerecording App with Dataverse as Datastorage.

For the From and To DateTime Fields i used the Standard Setting (Time zone adjustment : User local), which, afterwards, was not the best choice :(. 


The App is since quite some time in production and works well, but now people from other offices arround the world started wo work with it as well and now i have the Problem with the different time zones. Which means when the central HR Department checks the Timerecordings of an employee and now gets the Date Time of corse in the Format of the User in the other Timezone (e.g. UTC +8 and the HR is UTC +2). Is there a Powerapp Formular or another way to check in which Timezone the Employee has saved the record to show it in the Powerapp then to the HR Department in there Timezone. Means the Employee stores eg. 6 am to 4 pm (UTC + 9) and when the HR Dep. checks the recordings it should also be displayed 6 am to 4 PM.


thx much in adv.



Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

Have a look at timezone independent settings for Dataverse date fields in this documentation


I would recommend testing this on a dummy date field as once a column is set to timezone independent, this cannot be reversed 


Another option would be to use the timezoneoffset function


This would allow you to work out which timezone the user is in, and store the date/time as the correct timezone 

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Hey @SBax 

thx for Feedabck and sry for my late reply. Was on holidays 🙂


Yes, i know about the timezone independent setting in Dataverse. Problem is that allready a lot of data are stored within the current date time field with the local Timesetting. The current Problem is, how do i know in which Timezone a User has stored the DateTime, so that i can convert it in the Displaycontrol to show it to the User in another Timezone as he/she is in the timezone of the user which stored the record.


e.g. user UTC-8 stores 6 am - 5pm. user UTC - 2 should see the exact same. (like timezone indepenent).


Also allready checked the timezoneoffset function, but i don´t think that this function meets my special needs. 

thx in adv. 

Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

I'm not sure I am clear on the requirement.


Let's say we have a user called "John" who is in UTC timezone and enters 8am in the app


User "Steve" logs on to the app, he is in UTC - 2. 


Should Steve see 8am if he views John's record, or 6am (8am UTC minus 2 hours)?

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Yes, Steve should see 8am as well. Actual Problem is that the DateTime field is configured as Local Timezone and i have already plenty of records in the Table. 

Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

Ok, I'm clear now, let me have a play around in my environment and see what I can work out for you.

Frequent Visitor

Would be great. thx in adv.

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