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Date Field in Canvas App will not show Correct Value on Edit Screen

New user here, be gentle 🙂


I'm collecting data in an external Form, which I pass to a Sharepoint List via Power Automate.


I have a field called Birthdate which is populating my list with M/D/YYYY values.  


In PowerApps, I have a gallery on one side of the canvas, and an Edit Screen on the other.  Although I can get the correct Birthdate to show in the gallery, the Edit Screen will only show the default date.  


What can I do to bring in the Birthdate value from the Selected Item?


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Hi @melissahillGS ,

I have it now - I have done a small test app and a test MS Form with a date in it and now know what the issue is (and have struck this before). All output from Forms other than the submission date is Text - I had the same issue with Yes/No fields.

When I tried to point the MS Forms output at the SharePoint date field, the only item it gave me was the submission date.

So what you have now is some text output that has to go into SharePoint in a Text field. Once you have it there, you can use DateValue (have a read of this article) to get it into a date. Probably the easiest way would be to make the default of the date picker DateValue(<TextDateField>) then reset it to populate for further editing in PowerApps/SharePoint. Your could also do something in the Flow.



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Super User III

Hi @melissahillGS ,

What is the DataField of the card and the DefaultDate of the Date Picker?

I also assume that all of the rest of the record information is present.

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Super User

You can change the Format property of your DatePicker to suit what you want:


eg I always use dd/mm/yyyy in my apps so I change the format to "dd/mm/yyyy", the Default is usually set to DateTimeFormat.ShortDate.


Also, if you haven't worked this out as yet, to make MOST changes to a DataCard you first need to unlock it. I'm not 100% sure if this change requires an unlock but to do this select your DataCard you wish to unlock then Advanced --> Unlock (at the top)



I tried the formatting, but it just changed the default value of 12/31/2001 to 31/21/2001.


But the date value in my list is 1/14/2020, so it is still not pulling in the correct date for the item.



Hi @melissahillGS ,

What you are looking at is the InputTextPlaceHolder - you can delete this (it is only showing you the date format) if you don't want to see it.

The Date format can be set in the Format property - I am in Australia and use "dd/mm/yyyy"

Can you have a look at my first question and I will try to see why it is not coming across.

Hello, @WarrenBelz,


Yes, all my other fields are bringing in the correct data from the Selected Item.


The Default Date is "Parent.Default"


The data field is called Birthdate0



Hi @melissahillGS ,

OK what is the value of the date label in the gallery - it should be ThisItem.BirthDate0 

It's a bit strange.  I put in ThisItem.Birthdate and it reformatted to ThisItem.'Birthdate (Birthdate0)'

Hi @melissahillGS ,

If the two fields are pointing at the same data, it should show like the rest of your fields. I have not struck this one before, but am wondering if "Birthdate" is a "reserved" word somewhere. The easiest way to test (if you are not too far down the track with data) is create another date field "DateBirth" or similar, populate it in SharePoint then see if you can display it in the gallery and form.




Thanks for the suggestion.  I added a new column in Sharepoint called DateBirth.  


I updated my flow to bring in Form data to update this field.  But I'm finding the same result.


I also tried removing the InputPlaceHolderText, and now it's just blank.

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