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Date Time field different between PowerBI and PowerApp

Hello Community Experts, 


I am having some trouble resolving an issue with a PowerApp that is embedded into a PBI report. The issue is that when I am viewing the data in a PBI table, I can see the timestamp displayed correctly. But, in the PowerApp, the time associated with the date is defaulting to 12:00. I am certain this will be an easy fix, but to make things a bit weirder, when I go to edit the PowerApp, the time values appear as I would expect. Please see the screenshots below for some examples and let me know if you have any questions. Thank you. 


#Showing the PowerBI report where the PowerApp is embedded



#PowerApp in powerapp studio where I am making changes to the tool. As you can see, the 9:21 is displayed




# Formula for the date formatting in the gallery










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Any ideas on how to resolve this issue would be great. Doesn't have to be right, but I am running out of options. Since I posted this morning I have been trying different date formats and none have been correct. I even created a new TIMESTAMP column in my datasource so that I know it's not because I am using a date field. 




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I am facing the same issue, Date Time field is correct in PBI report and when going to PowerApps Studio but while displaying in integrated report, it always show as 12:00 AM for time. Any solution to this ?

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Hi All, 


I am facing the same issue , in power Bi dataset I have timestamp in IST which includes starttime (2021-09-02T04:17:20.7266600) and endtime(2021-09-02T04:17:24.8297400) as my end user is in IST Zone.

When taking the same dataset to power app, BI integration is showing me the correct data set using which created a canvas app to interact with the power bi visual created and published in BI service ( having PPC P1 license).

But, once the canvas app is published to the BI service , it is not showing me correct time ( Date u\is fine) but it is showing time as 12 :00 AM or 12:00 PM. This is not allowing me to interact with the visual created with the data set in power bi service

whereas , the same filter is getting applied to the power app.

I have data set where the status changes very frequently i.e. with the difference of microseconds too.


Please provide suggestions to overcome the issue.

For any queries on the above problem , please let me know.





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Hello, I am facing the same issue, any updates on this?

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