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Date powerapps to excel | Just date, not time

When i send a date from datepicker to excel, it also sends time.
I just want the


, not "23.02:2018 00:00"

Ive tried with Text(DatePicker1.SelectedDate; ""), but still get the time. Any suggestions?

It also withdraws one day from the selected date when sent to excel. If i select 23:02.2018, i get 22.02.2018 in excel.


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No problem! Happy to help. Another cool thing you can do with SharePoint is Calculated Columns which allow you to mash up data from different columns.  For example, in your Products list you have your Title column which holds the product name (Widget X). And maybe you have another column for size (Small).  You can create another column which is a type Calculated COlumn and have a formula which combines the Title and Size like so =CONCATENATE([Title]," - ",[Size]) .  So your new column would have Widget X - Small. So in your Production list, you can add a Lookup Column to your Products Claculated column adn the user can select "Widget X - Small". 

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The date from date picker is in my excel table saved without the time. The time is obviously shown in PA when I displaing it because all date has to have time with it. if you want to display only date in your gallery in pa then format it with text




The date shift is cause by your timezone you are in. I never had this issue so I can only suggest you to try to open excel table and see what date you have there. Is the date correct in excel?

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No, the date is one day off. Today it is 26.2.2018 here, but Excel shows 25.2.2018

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Resident Rockstar

Ok.. How do you save the date into your table?

Can you please try to insert a label and change your text property to Today(). Is the day correct in the label? If not can you try to format it with Text Text(Today(),"") Is the day correct in that label with text formating? if not can you try to use TimeZoneOffset DateAdd( Today(), TimeZoneOffset(Today()), Minutes ). How about now?

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Think i managed a fix. 

I changed the datepicker to UTC from local, and added separete columns in the excel for times, and dropdowns for time in the app. Seems to work for now, ill test it our for a few days. 

But thanks a lot for your time and suggestions.

Hi. What if I only want to save the date in Excel without the time ? 

Seriously need a solution to this. As it stands if I launch my app and submit a record I get a date and time in my excel file (10/10/2018 5:00:00 AM), however if I submit another record (with out refreshing) I get a date only (10/10/2018). This is a redicoulse problem that has baffeled me for weeks.

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Please review the following thread that has been marked as a solution. It deals with a similar issue concerning dates in Excel.


If this does not help please reply back so a different solution can be found. 





Thanks so much for gettng back to me! I saw the solution you suggested, and im sorry to say i have no idea how to implement what shanescows or what v-micsh-msft suggested. My records are stored in excel online so im not sure if this is a setting that needs to be changed in powerapps or in excel online. I appreciate it so very much your helping me out with this.





Some more information. The type of date that gets submitted to excel online is inconsistent. Sometimes it is saved as a date and time with a custom format in excel online and sometimes its saved as just a date with a date format.

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