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Advocate III
Advocate III

Datepicker returns minus 1 day

Working with Powerapps 2.0.460, Windows 10, IPad app, connection to SQL Azure (for Access Web App in Sharepoint online), local settings for UK on PC and Ipad, date format dd/mm/yyyy


The date returned to the server from a DatePicker control is consistently one day less than the date entered. So enter, say, April 7th 2016 on the PowerApp Datepicker (either from F5 on the PC or from the app on the IPad), save, look at the SQL AZure record and it has April 6th 2016. Same over a month boundary - enter 1st May, get 30th April.


The card Update setting is valDateOfBirth.SelectedDate. I've tried Text(valDateOfBirth.SelectedDate,"dd/mm/yyyy") as well but the result is the same.


Looks like a bug...??

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Hello all,

I am currently executing  a migration to O365 and I am having a similar issue when uploading data to a new SharePoint Online list, where all DateTime fields are off by -1 day.


Is this an issue with Time-Zones or a bug?


Any updates would be appreciated.


I have the same issue. DatePicker is one day off.

Ever found a solution? My SPO list also saves entries with one day off. Date fields in powerapps form are set to UTC and my spo site is in utc...

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I created a new integer column on SQL Server to solve my problem as a poor man's work around based on a suggestion someone else had.


Use this code on SQL Server to create new integer columns that work beside your date column in a YYYYMMDD format.


alter table TestTableName
add PickupDatePA as (CONVERT(int, DATEPART(year, PickupDate)) * 10000 + CONVERT(int, DATEPART(month, PickupDate)) * 100 + CONVERT(int, DATEPART(day, PickupDate)) * 1) persisted,
DeliveryDatePA as (ConVERT(int, DATEPART(year, DeliveryDate)) * 10000 + CONVERT(int, DATEPART(month, DeliveryDate)) * 100 + CONVERT(int, DATEPART(day, DeliveryDate)) * 1) persisted

Now do your sort and filters using the new PA columns.


I should note that I gave up on Power Apps and went back to making my own web apps.  Idea behind Power Apps is great, but if you cannot do simple filters and searches on date columns which to me is a must, it just does not work well in my environment.  There was too many glitches for me that I had to try and find work arounds for.

Helper II
Helper II

I changed the 'Date and Time Format:' from Date & Time to Date Only.

Screenshot 2021-12-29 233257.png


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It's 2022 and I'm still having this problem.

Dates sent from my app to Excel sheet in one drive are one day behind...UTC or Local, doesn't matter.

Anyone actually solved this yet?

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