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Post Prodigy
Post Prodigy

Dealing with 12k+ records in a dropdown/combobox

Hello everyone,

I have a SharePoint list that contains records of companies with more than (12k+) records.

In the Power apps canvas app, I have a Combobox that displays only the Companies Names.

The problem is the following:

If I searched for a company its ID for example 12828 it returns nothing (Blank), whereas if I searched for a company >2000 it returns the company I am looking for.

I have tried the below On-AppStart:


ClearCollect(CollectionA,Filter('Sales Companies List', ID<2000)),
ClearCollect(CollectionB,Filter('Sales Companies List',ID >=2000 && ID<4000)),
ClearCollect(CollectionC,Filter('Sales Companies List',ID >=4000 && ID<6000)),

ClearCollect(CollectionD,Filter('Sales Companies List',ID >=6000 && ID<8000)),

ClearCollect(CollectionE,Filter('Sales Companies List',ID >=8000 && ID<10000)),

ClearCollect(CollectionF,Filter('Sales Companies List',ID >=10000 && ID<12000)),

ClearCollect(CollectionG,Filter('Sales Companies List',ID >=12000 && ID<14000));

ClearCollect(CollectionH,Filter('Sales Companies List',ID >=14000 && ID<15000));


After that, on the combo box, I have assigned its Items property to display only the company name of the Merged collection which is ListOfCompanies.Company Name.

I have added a label and checked for the returned rows of ListOfCompanies it returns 2000 only.
Please have a look at the demo below:


How to deal with this issue to display whatever I am looking for even if the company is on 13000 record ID?

Can please someone explain in detail and provides an example to achieve the above scenario?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Helper II
Helper II

Good Evening 

Did you find any solution on this case ? 


Post Prodigy
Post Prodigy

Hi @Yazeed_Ablan ,

I highly recommend you to watch the below videos by the best @RezaDorrani @KrishnaV :

Hope the above will help you!
Best regards,

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