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Helper II
Helper II

Deep Linking | Gallery and Form on Same Screen

I have a SharePoint List that’s feeding data to my Power Apps app. It is a stand alone app.


Here’s my setup:

I have a screen that has a gallery on the left side of the screen. When you select an item in the gallery, it populates fields in a form that lives on the right side of the screen.


I watched Shane’s video on deep linking and it sort of works. When I click the deep link from my email, it takes me to the correct screen and populates the correct fields. However, here’s my problems:

- It doesn’t allow me to edit the fields. If I edit a field and hit submit, it just reverts the fields to what they had 

- I believe it’s because the deep linking isn’t selecting the item in the gallery. Meaning, when I select an item in the gallery, it’s highlighted. When I click the deep link, my info is populated but my gallery selection isn’t highlighted. If I click on the gallery item, then I can edit the fields and submit normally


Solution I believe I need:

- I need the deep link to select the gallery item when it loads the screen so I can edit the fields 

Can anyone help?


Accepted Solutions

I just created a new screen and started over and now it seems to work. I’ll close this. Thank you!

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Super User
Super User

Hi @PowerAppsHori ,

Can you please post (in Text)

  1. Your Deep Link URL (the bit from the ? Question mark onwards)
  2. Your App OnStart
  3. The Item of the Form
  4. The Items of the Gallery
  5. The OnSelect of the Gallery
  6. The Default of the Gallery



I just created a new screen and started over and now it seems to work. I’ll close this. Thank you!

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