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Advocate II
Advocate II

Default dependency - any way to remove or prevent?

I've noticed any time you insert more than one Dropdown or ComboBox on a screen they are automatically linked via the Depends On feature - this is great if you're building cascading menus or choices but how do I remove this, or prevent it, when I don't want them linked?


In this example below I don't want my freshly inserted ComboBox depending one another Dropdown elsewhere on the same screen but this is what it looks like without me touching anything after inserting and I don't see a way to undo it.
















Thanks, Ed

Super User II
Super User II

Hi @edbellman 

The dependency feature is actually a shortcut that changes the Items property of the 2nd control to a filter based on the first control  I have not seen it automatically applied but the answer is to go back to the items property of the second dropdown and remove the filter and change the Items property to whatever you want it to be.  (It has to be a table though). 

@Drrickryp , thanks for your reply.


What you're describing makes sense but unfortunately isn't what I'm seeing in my environment. As you can see in the screenshot above (the new second combobox is selected) the Items property is not shown as filtered in the formula bar and even when I change it to my datasource the Items property does not change to show another filter from the Parent Control/first dropdown. The only thing that changes is the Depends On pop out shows my new datasource in the bottom half (Matching field) but still does not give me any way to remove the link or relationship to the top half (Parent control).

Super User II
Super User II


What connector are you using for your data?  This behavior is not something I have encountered in CDS, Excel or SharePoint. 

The app is pulling from two SPO lists on the same site

Are the two lists connected by a Lookup?

They are not, I specifically avoided using a lookup between them as I know it can complicate things with the Power Platform

Super User II
Super User II

What happens if you click on the x to close the box and change the Items property from ComboBoxSample to the name of your second list?  It appears that you have not chosen a datasource for the control., like the name of your second list  That would normally be the next step when you add a new control to a screen. 

You are correct, that would be the next step typically. Here is what it looks like after I change the Items property in the formula bar - identical other than the Matching field values updated for the new data source. Still linked to the other dropdown and no way to remove said link that I can see.


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I was also struggling with this.

I found that if you go to the "Advanced" tab of the ComboBox, and delete the contents from the "Data --> SearchFields" box, then it won't use the Depends On despite it still showing in the Properties.



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