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Delegation Warnings And CRM Dynamics "Products" - Not showing all products

Hi All,


New to powerapps the last 6 months and I am having some serious issues pulling in our products from CRM. 


We have 7325 products in CRM  being used for quoting, of which we have created labels for to break them up to allow for a cascading selection as you narrow them down for selection to quote to a customer within the app. I have created a function on the OnStart of the app to filter out the vast majority of them, leaving me with 351 unique records. 



As I move through the app, I have been double checking the records that return in a gallery based on the selection made in an edit form, and I am still not getting all of the records to populate in the gallery after the 'product type label'  or 'product sub category label'   are selected in and edit form. 


I do have a number of delegation warnings in the app, but by filtering out the majority of the products and bringing the number down to 351 unique records, shouldn't I be getting everything into the app without any issues? 









Super User II
Super User II

If your Filter expression has delegation warnings, it will only filter on the first 500 records (if your non-delegation limit is set to 500, which can be increased max to 2000, which will still not help in your case as the number of records is >7000). So the fact that the number of filtered records is approx 300, doesn't mean you will not be affected by delegation. 


That being said, is the following expression from your image the only expression for which you are getting a delegation warning? 


If so, try this out (I haven't tested this yet but wanted to share it with you as you might be able to test it out sooner than I can since you have all of your data ready). 

LookUp(Products, IsBlank('Product Type Label') && IsBlank('Product Sub Category Label'))


Let me know if this helps. 


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Hardit Bhatia

Microsoft Business Applications MVP

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I am getting the following delegation warnings on the product selection page in these formulas:


Items property of the products gallery below: Filter(Products, 'Product Type Label' = PrdctFamDD.Selected.Value)

PrdctFamDD is a dropdown list within an edit form (highlighted below) with the product family options to choose from to filter the gallery of products.




I do have two other delegation warnings within the page, but those are related to sharepoint folders of equipment images to pick from that seem to not be affected by the delegation warning. All of the images within the sharepoint folders are indeed coming into the app properly. 


I did try the formula you recommended, but still have the delegation warning coming through on the above formula. I should have probably prefaced that the two records In this formula are blank in CRM, which mitigates 6,974 from coming into the app, leaving me with the 351 records. 


Apologies in advance if I seem naive. I am trying to solve an efficiencies issue within our team and we have no other resources, so I have been learning powerapps on the fly as I go. My actual role is within our business development team lol


No worries at all, these are all great questions, nothing naive about them at all! 


Since this is CDS, I shoulf be able to test this out in my environment. I amassukijg these are custom entities. Is that correct? If yes, can you share the data types of only the fields involved in your expressions so i can play with the exact same setup as yours? If they are standard entities, apologies for not recognizing them. 


Let me know either ways and we will solve this for sure. 


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Hardit Bhatia
Microsoft Business Applications MVP



The data types in the fields I am having issues with are all text fields, of which have been made custom indeed. These are fields we have pulled into CRM from our server thats holds all of our product information for customers, inventory, and accounting. So they have been mashed up a bit going into CRM, which is why we have had to resort to creating custom labels and fields for them.


How would you like me to share the data types? Currently I have them pulling directly from our CRM database, but I do have them pulled into a collection as well. Do you need me to share the actual entities from our CRM database?


Thanks for your help thus far!

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