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Different Time Zone when I use Book a Room App


When I tried to update meeting location with 




the system threw a run time error "Time Zone UTC is not valid". I observed that when i book my meeting from outlook calendar it uses GMT Standard Time Zone. However, when I use Book a room app it uses UTC.

The issue is my PatchItem formula works fine on those bookings which are booked directly from Outlook(with GMT Zone) but doesn't work and get error when i try to update those meetings which are booked through Book a Room App.

How can I solve this issue?

Please note that Formula has no errors.




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Re: Different Time Zone when I use Book a Room App


I further tried to read the code in Book a Room app. It looks that when it saves the meeting it saves in UTC. How can I Change this behaviour to my organisation time zone? I have copied the code which runs on confirmation screen.


I think from line 5-13 needs attention.


Any help please??

Best Regards


Set(DateTimeRoomChange, true);
    Set(CalendarFromSelectMeeting, false),

    Set(StartDateTime, DateAdd(DateSelected, DropdownStartTime.SelectedText.Minutes, Minutes));
    Set(EndDateTime, DateAdd(StartDateTime, If(DropdownStartTime.SelectedText.Minutes >= DropdownEndTime.SelectedText.Minutes, DropdownEndTime.SelectedText.Minutes + 1440 -
    DropdownStartTime.SelectedText.Minutes, DropdownEndTime.SelectedText.Minutes - DropdownStartTime.SelectedText.Minutes), Minutes));

    Set(StartDateTimeUTC, Text(DateAdd(StartDateTime, TimeZoneOffset(), Minutes), "[$-en-US]yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm") & ":00.000Z");
    Set(EndDateTimeUTC, Text(DateAdd(EndDateTime, TimeZoneOffset(), Minutes), "[$-en-US]yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm") & ":00.000Z");
    Set(StartTimeMinutes, DropdownStartTime.SelectedText.Minutes);
    Set(EndTimeMinutes, If(DropdownEndTime.SelectedText.Minutes < DropdownStartTime.SelectedText.Minutes, DropdownEndTime.SelectedText.Minutes + 24*60, DropdownStartTime.SelectedText.Minutes));

    ClearCollect(AvailableRooms, Office365.FindMeetingTimes({RequiredAttendees: AllRoomsConnector, IsOrganizerOptional: true, 
    Start: StartDateTimeUTC, End: EndDateTimeUTC, MeetingDuration: DateDiff(StartDateTime, EndDateTime, Minutes),
    MinimumAttendeePercentage: "1", ActivityDomain: "Unrestricted"}));

    ClearCollect(AvailableRoomsSorted, SortByColumns(First(AvailableRooms).MeetingTimeSuggestions, "Confidence", Descending));

    ClearCollect(AvailableRoomsConcat, Concat(Filter(First(AvailableRoomsSorted).AttendeeAvailability, Availability = "Free"), Attendee.EmailAddress.Address, ","));

    ClearCollect(AvailableRoomEmails, Split(First(AvailableRoomsConcat).Value, ","));
    ClearCollect(AvailableRoomEmailName, AddColumns(RenameColumns(AvailableRoomEmails, "Result", "Email"), "Name", LookUp(AllRooms, Email = Address).Name));
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Re: Different Time Zone when I use Book a Room App

Hi @PowerAddict  @v-xida-msft 


Can you please have a look at let me know the issue and solution?


Best Regards

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Re: Different Time Zone when I use Book a Room App

Hi All

Further to the above here is the screen shot which shows the formula as well as the error. This error only generates when i click on the button of those meetings which are booked with this App and has timeZone = UTC. This formula works fine and update the event with timeZone =  GMT Standard ( this timezone applies to meetings when i book them from outlook calendar)


Best Regards


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