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Different/Wrong DateFormat for Different Devices

Hi PG:


Latest PowerApps is installed in all the 3 devices:

- Surface Pro 4

- Sony Xperia (Android)

- WIn 10 8" Tablet (Local Brand)


Surface Pro 4 and Sony Xperia (Android)

- Both are showing similar date formats


Win 10 8" Tablet

- DatePicker shows date format in, e.g.: November 21, 2016

- Date displayed was wrongly interprered.

e.g.: Actual date saved: 10/1/2016 (1st of Oct 2016)

but shown as January 10, 2016.


Dateformat inconsistency again causing problem with customers using different devices.

Can PG Investigartes again?





Power Apps Staff AndyPennell
Power Apps Staff

Re: Different/Wrong DateFormat for Different Devices

What Formula are you using to display (or interpret) the date? What locales are each of the devices set to? Date parsing and display will default to the locale of the device, unless you force it by specifying a locale on the Text/Value functions.

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Re: Different/Wrong DateFormat for Different Devices

Same Issue on Windows mobile client

Using this in Datafield: Text("PeriodStart","[$-en-US]dd-mmm-yy")

Datepicker/Calendar control display is Longdateformat November 1, 2016.

Using same in text box, result as expected 01-NOV-16


Level 10

Re: Different/Wrong DateFormat for Different Devices


Just to share:
1. Jan ~ Jul Edition
- DatePicker can be easily set and follow to locale

2. This edition
- The example I showed in in fact was created using SP4 and format shown without problem in SP4 and Android.
(though it is permanently shown in US Format= mm/dd/yyyy. Even you set to Local, or forced to change using Text/Format, it will still back to mm/dd/yyyy after you CLICK ONCE on the datepicker). I can still bear with it even it is in mm/dd/yyyy (in Malaysia, we expect to use dd/mm/yyyy)


The only problem which really give me in trouble is in Win 10 Tablet 8", running latest Win 10 version and latest PowerApps, showing WRONG Date.


You can see the example: in SP4 and Sony Xperia, it showed 10/1/2016 (US format, mm/dd/yyyy) but in WIn 10 Tablet 8" it showed January, 10, 2016.


Funny right!


All the questions and doubts you put up to me were not an issue at all.
I would say that from Day One of PowerApps, it is the DATE FORMAT inconsistency drives me to create a lot of date formatting method. You may trace my post under my code - hpkeong.


My post is always something I have investigated using at least 4-5 devices, including iOS (but normally I don;t show because iOS is not commonly used by employees due to poor communication with Android and Win; iOS means for personal use not for public).


US FORMAT is perfectly working in PowerApps but not others.




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