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Disable item in gallery

I have a gallery that displays cases (numbered 1, 2, 3...). When a user selects a case, the app navigates to another screen where the user needs to answer some questions related to this case. Then clicking "back to case list" button takes the user back to the first screen (cases list gallery). 

When returning to screen one I want to disable the case that was just selected, so the user will not be able to select it again.

How do I do that? I was able to disable it based on selected item, but then when the user selects case #2, case #1 is enabled again.

Would appreciate your help. Thank you.

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Resident Rockstar


There are Not direct Properties to disable the Gallery Record.

But I can suggest you Some Workaround.

Change the TemplateFill Color Properties Based on Condition. Like if ThisItem.Status="In-Progess",gray,Red))
Navigation to screen based on Condition. LIke if (ThisItem.Status="In-Progess",Navigate(Screen 1)).

Hope this solution helps you to resolve your Issue.

The navigation will work, but I need case #1 to stay disabled after it was selected once.

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Hi, Can you please Describe here, exactly want you to want to achieve. with Screenshot.



 Hope this helps. Thank you.

@VijayTailor Hope this helps, but I'm afraid it's not possible.

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Another Idea For achieving the disable look
you and Selected all the AllItem into a group and Set the DisplayMode.Disable for Group DisplayMode or without creating a group also you can do but in that scenario, you have to do for all the Display Things in the template.
Please Find attache Screenshot for reference.


Hope this solution helps you to resolve your issue.

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@VijayTailor Thank you so much for replying. I still don't see how the group will help, as it affects all the groups. It is going to be changed with the next click on the next item. 
Going to look for a work around or changing the design completely. 

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Please Use Grouping for all the Fields /Content for Gallery.

why Using Group - Answer is Instead of Setting the DisplayMode for all manually you can create a group and Set the DisplayMode for the group then automatically the same value is set for all the Fields/ Contents.

As I understood your requirement you can achieve your required functionality by this ways.


but if you think not feasible then you can go for change design as per your wish

Thanks for this suggestion! Grouping the gallery item fields worked great for me. I was able to change gallery items that were updated to DisplayMode.Disabled. I grouped everything in the gallery item and set a conditional statement for its display mode - If('Text' in Table.Column, DisplayMode.Disabled, DisplayMode.Edit). So, if the 'text' from my gallery item appears in the updated column of my separate update table then that gallery item will be disabled. Thanks again!

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