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Disable multiple selection on SharePoint list / Display customized form for multiple selected items


I just created customized form for my team based on SharePoint list. The problem is if user selects 2 (or more) items is able to edit items and bypass the business logic - standard SharePoint form displayed instead of customized form. Turn on/off "allow individual item checkboxes" does not solve the issue. Is there any workaround? For e.g. if few items are selected and user clicks "edit" there will be displayed another screen "You cannot edit multiple items" or just disable multiple selection for SharePoint list?



Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Anonymous :

Could you tell me if you are bothered by this problem:

  • When editing a single record in sharepoint, custom from is displayed normally.
  • When editing multiple records in sharepoint at the same time, you can only use sharepoint's default form to edit records.

Firstly, I am afraid that the custom form cannot support editing multiple records selected by users at the same time.

If you need this feature, I suggest you post your ideal to this forum:

Secondly,I think the only feasible way is to disable individual item checkboxes so that users cannot select multiple records.

I'm not sure what you mean by "Turn on/off "allow individual item checkboxes" does not solve the issue." Is it ineffective? Or you don't want to use this method?I think this method is very effective (maybe I did not understand your needs?)


Best Regards,


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Thanks for reply!  Turn on/off "allow individual item checkboxes" is ineffective, take a look:

1. When is "allow individual item checkboxes" turn on - user is able to edit multiple items (rows) at the same time (default SharePoint edit form) - Attachment 1.PNG

2. When is "allow individual item checkboxes" turn off - user is able to edit multiple items (rows) at the same time (default SharePoint edit form) - Attachment 2.PNG

3. When 1 item is selected - customized form (PowerApps) displayed


The problem is that user is able to bypass the business logic set up in customized form (PowerApps) by simple trick when selects 2 items and click "edit". I'm looking for solution to avoid it - do not show edit/default form from screens 1. and 2..





Hi @Anonymous :

I found that holding "Shift" can still select multiple records. I searched almost all the setting options I could find,but I did not find the relevant setting options.I guess that SharePoint may not currently have a setting option to prohibit multiple selection.
I recommend:
1. Because the Custom From created by PowerApps can not support editing multiple selected records currently, I suggest you post your suggestions on the PowerApps-ideals forum

2. You can also go to the SharePoint forum for help (I guess this function may be achieved by using SharePoint site design)

Best Regards,


This was taken to Microsoft's attention, through a support ticket, and here is their final response:

"We have established that under the current programming there is not a way to suppress the “edit” option as you requested, and we submitted a request to have Microsoft expedite developers to modify a change in the design. Due to the nature of change, this would impact the business-critical functionality of multiple items edits to other customers."

It looks like Microsoft may take a deeper look at this issue, only if the below idea receives over 100 votes in 90 days on SharePoint UserVoice.

Disable editing multiple items on a SharePoint List customized with PowerApps

I really could use this functionality as well.  I know this is several months after the fact, but have you found a solution to this @Anonymous?

Advocate II
Advocate II

You know what, this actually fixed my issue.  I know pressing shift allows a workaround but for me this will suffice: 


Screenshot 2020-12-30 111701.png


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