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Helper II
Helper II

Disabling a Button based on a Date Column in Dataverse Table.

Hi All,


I'm at a loss, as I've tried what feels like every combination under the sun, to disable a button based on a date in my Dataverse Table.


I've tried if/lookup combinations, I've tried if statements on their own, I've tried countrow formulas. None of them work 🤯😫


I have an app which requires users to input data on a daily basis. High priority, includes a RecordDate, and a Company - amongst other float-type data.


To prevent duplicates from happening, I want to disable the button which disables the form navigation button for each specific title, of which there are three, based on data that already exists.


So far, I have tried (also without the "DateValue()":



Title2.Text = varCompany in MyRecordTable.Company


DateValue(Date1.Text) = varDate in MyRecordTable.RecordDate,

Disabled, Edit)


I've also tried a Lookup against a specific button:




            MyRecordTable, RecordDate = Date1.Text, CompanyID) = DateValue(varDate)


            MyRecordTable, Company = Title2.Text, CompanyID) = varCompany

            Disabled, Edit



I get a delegation warning against the equals where datevalue(varDate) because the data types arent the same. And the same warning occurs if I use the Value() function instead.


Can anybody see where I'm going wrong, as it's driving me crazy 😅


Please and thank you in advance.





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