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Display an APP version number

Hi All,

I have been having an issue recently where it seem to take a few minutes for my published app to actually show up properly.



I customize a form, and I have to refresh my browser many times to get the correct version.  I started putting my own version number on the main screen, but if i forget I am not sure what version is actually published.  I started putting a number on the fields I update to make sure that I am seeing the latest.

My PowerApps APP on my phone takes a few minutes at times to finally refresh and tell me my app has a new update.


A version number would help to make sure I am testing the latest version, instead of trying to figure out why my change did not take effect.





To Everyone suffering from this issue:


PowerApps only goes to 100.  That number is not a good candidate for versioning.  I researched and fought this for some time--pragmatically that is to say. 


Your best bet is to maintain your own application versioning. It is noteworthy to know that there is a delay before the changes are pushed and made available (in app or play mode).  The delay varies from several seconds to a few minutes.  Because of this latency issue I place the available date/time somewhere on my app--the footer in a component object works best for me--so that I can know if it contains my latest changes.


It is also noteworthy to know that not everyone can use the connector, "PowerAppsforMakers".  The last time I checked (months ago) the user of the app must have Admin privileges to the SharePoint list.  I do not know if that requirement affects other data sources.  If the user does not have Admin the app will throw an error. 


Moving on.  As a solution, I maintain an application configuration table (one record only) to keep my version number and the provided date/timestamp.  I create a screen to maintain such data and set permissions to me only or whomever is going to be developing the app.  It's not necessarily the best method, but it's the one that works best for me.  I'd be interested to know anyone else's methods.  


Good luck to all.


I just posted a "solution" in this thread in case you are interested.

Likely you are missing the connector (library) for this functionality.  It's called "PowerAppsForMakers".  Just add the library and make sure any developer or user of the app has the right permissions (as of a few months ago it was Admin of the SharePoint List) and all should be well.


That all said, I feel it fair to warn you that the versioning functionality is seriously lacking.  See my post in this thread.  It explains the shortcomings.  


Good luck,


Hi. - dysfunctionalconsultant Resources and Information does not seem to point to a relevant site/page.  Can you please update your link or remove it?

Yep.  I just posted one in this thread.  It's 7 hours after your post if that helps you identify it.  

Mike.  The speed limit is 100.  PowerApps stops incrementing at that number.  Actually, if I remember right, it will delete the oldest version and then tack 100 on to the most current save of the app.  

Anonymous & anyone getting an error about "PowerAppsforMakers":  


Make sure:

1) You have added the connector, "PowerAppsforMakers"

2) The person developing or even using the app has Admin on the SharePoint list or whatever is required...see the documentation for "PowerAppsforMakers".

Hey, DrT.

I just posted (6/15/2022) the explanation and solution to your issue.  


Advocate I
Advocate I

I've abandoned this method.  It was creating unnecessary traffic in the background.  Watch your app monitor and check it for unexplainable traffic.   I use SharePoint to track revision numbers.

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Once you've created a Power Apps for Makers data connection, you can pretty easily just assign this to a variable or text label:

CountRows(Filter(PowerAppsforMakers.GetAppVersions(First(Filter(PowerAppsforMakers.GetApps().value,properties.displayName = "Your App Name")).name).value, properties.lifeCycleId = "Published"))

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