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Display form content not being picked up by Accessibility software Jaws (Australian)



I work for an organisation that has several users who use technologies such as zoom text and jaws - when building my apps I test the accessibility using a jaws license.


Jaws allows you to tab to each set of content and will read out the content, including the accessible label if applicable however for some reason jaws will jump completely over any content within a Display Form - even though my tab index is set to 0 and accessible labels are completed. 


I really need some assistance on this one, I have a Frequently Asked Questions App build for a department, we do not want the user to be able to update the content but to be able to search the content and find the Answers appropriate to their questions - It appears as though if I made it an edit form but changed it to view only it might work but not sure if this will have the same issue and thought I would ask the brains trust before I dive down that road. 


Has anybody else found this issue? Is there a specific area I could go hunting for more information about accessibility in powerapps, I've found all the fairly common resources so far.



Solution Specialist
Solution Specialist



is this still an issue?


I would test and see a few things. are they running in teams or the powerapps player or on the web? I would test the process against each of them and see if any of them work.


Lets me know,



Opening as both embedded on a SharePoint page or directly in the web browser. This issue is across multiple apps. 


I have tested both and anything that is set to view seems to be skipped even if the tab index is set above -1.


This is still an issue, I'd really love some help on it - Thanks!

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