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Display image from Sharepoint Library. Authentication Problem?


 I Have an app that loads Images from Sharepoint Library. Images are in a gallery and It works fine when developping the app.


However, when its deployed to new devices, the images doesn't show. The only way to make them show is by opening a new tab and opening the sharepoint site which the document library resides in.  (And this is not a one time process. You have to keep doing it from time to time)


This is not practical when deplying the app to a large number of devices. 
 What is causing this issue and how can i Fix it?




I ended up utilizing your method after spending literal days trying to find a way to automate this process via flow. The shortcomings of both these MS products really wastes valuable time that could be better spent on other projects. Thanks for all your help with this! 


My images are in a doc library. When I go to "Update item" I can;t choose a doc library. Is there a way to select a doc library? If not, how else do I get images into sharepoint?

Hi Mark2457, maybe you can try "update file" action.

@JMAFO @Anonymous @Mark2457 @Newbie2019 @robinwong 


You can view highly compressed and equally high quailty renditions Images or Photos files stored in any Document Library by using the {Thumbnail} property for any given image/photo or file (eg.Word documents,, PowerPoint, HTML files etc) :


Assuming you have added a SharePoint Connector to your app associated with Document Library, have added a Gallery control your app associated to that Document Library, you can thereafte simply add an image control to the Gallery and set it's properties as follows:




Should you, for example, on selecting a specific row in the gallery whereby a pop-up windows appears containing an larger rendition of that same image/photo in another Image control, all you need to do is set the Image property on that control specifying the following base syntax:




The URL of the 'returned for sat the '{Thumbnail}'.Large property will look something like as follows:…aXw0%26version%3DPublished&width=800&height=800

Note the URL (for a large thumbnail) ends with: &width=800&height=800


It is supported, albeit this blog from Chaks (a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft) describes how you can do this with the Graph APIs, this has since been implemented nataively in the SharePoint Connector per my blog post early this year:


If you alternatively wish to view an ultra-high quality and equally superbly optimized rendition for any given photo, that by all accounts you'll never even be able to tell the difference between the 0.5Mb - 1Mb maximum size of the rendition compared even a 50Mb file of the original image, you can simply use the substitute function to replace the &width=800&height=800 in the thumbnail URL exposed with whatever values you want. For example:


Substitute( Gallery1.Selected.Thumbnail, “&width=800&height=800”, “&width=4096&height=4096” )

The Graph APIs do support specified custom thumbnails size, and as such this really is no different to what you can in case do with the Graph APIs. This technique is simply far easier to implement, and can be entirely dynamically set at runtime as and where you may wish to leverage it. Much like I have done in the lastest blog and corrosponding demo video I've recently published.



What method did you use for converting 600 images please?





Could you elaborate on what exactly mean by convert 600 images? Convert to them to what exactly and for what purpose?


Per my earlier response on this thread, add a new Data Source connection to whichever SharePoint Document Library contains your images. Then assuming you want to display any images in that Document Library in Galley control in which you've set the Items property for that Gallery to the Data Source connection to the Document Library.


Thereafter simply add an image control to the Gallery and set its properties as follows:



Whether there are 50 or 2000 images in that document library they will all be displayed in that Gallery control, loading on demand as you scroll with the gallery...

Sorry for jumping on to an old discussion.  I have created a document library in which the image URI is stored in a multi row text column.  The issue is when I have any more than a few items in the library the connection to Powerapps for that library slows to a crawl, making the app useless.


I'm guessing it's because of the amount of text stored in the URI column?  Has anyone else encountered this issue?

You're correct. The lists have a limitation on the content size in multiline columns. The only workaround I have found is to use the thumbnail property in PowerApps.

Unfortunately I need the URI so I can pass it to an HTML table which then gets converted into a PDF.  The thumbnail property will work for the HTML file, but disappears when it's converted to PDF.


Even when placing the thumbnail in HTML and into an email body isn't useful as it then disappears by the next day.  Assuming it's just a cached image or something that Sharepoint clears daily?



I have tried all the solutions suggested including the information from the below blog

Nothing seems to work in my case.

I have a document library that is holding the photos.

I have a string column holding the url of the photo.

I have tried creating another column with the url as a Photo in Sharepoint 

nothing seems to work.

Can someone please give some clear guidance on how this is supposed to work or if in fact, it does?

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