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Display image from Sharepoint Library. Authentication Problem?


 I Have an app that loads Images from Sharepoint Library. Images are in a gallery and It works fine when developping the app.


However, when its deployed to new devices, the images doesn't show. The only way to make them show is by opening a new tab and opening the sharepoint site which the document library resides in.  (And this is not a one time process. You have to keep doing it from time to time)


This is not practical when deplying the app to a large number of devices. 
 What is causing this issue and how can i Fix it?



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I'm still stuck on this too

Is the app you're developing a mobile app or a desktop application? The referenced article won't work for mobile applications. I spent hours trying things online, including that article, to literally no avail. The only way that I know is to use the thumbnail property of the image when the image is stored in a document library. 

This is for a mobile app.

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My app is both desktop and mobile (80% mobile usage)


Do you have an example of how to get the thumbnail?

Connect to the document library using a gallery, insert an image control, in the image property of the control type ThisItem.Thumbnail.Medium 


I ended up making a desktop version that utilized the normal way and then a mobile version with the thumbnail method. 


Here's a link that covers it

@JMAFO You have two separate apps, or you have two separate images in your gallery? If in the gallery, how are you determining if the user is on mobile/desktop?

@notj two separate apps. For reference, I did this for an employee directory. The desktop version I've embeded into a SharePoint page, named "Employee Directory - Desktop Version" and the mobile version is only accessible via the PowerApps app, named "Employee Directory - Mobile Version". Unfortunately, you can't hide created apps from the PowerApps app, so you have to label the apps by device version accordingly... 

@JMAFO  thanks for the quick reply! That's not too terrible of a downside. I think we've all had much worse downsides in PowerApps before haha.

@notj this is small peanuts compared to the real problems! Administrative control of the PowerApps mobile app portal, universal device support, and conditional device recognition are very much needed for this to be a more complete product. 

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