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Helper I

Display images from SharePoint in PowerApps

Hello all,


I am currently trying to implement the following:


I want to make an app where all possible skills are listed. The skills should be displayed in PowerApps within a gallery and a specific image should be displayed for each skill. At the moment it looks like this:

PowerApps Communit.jpg

How do I make it so that I can store a picture for each skill ?

Which conditions must be fulfilled ?

I have included the SharePoint data via Gallery.


Thank you very much for your support


Super User
Super User


You had this exact same post in this thread a week ago.

You accepted @WarrenBelz solution to your question...are you still having an issue?  Your new post is worded exactly the same as the last - there is nothing new added.

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Resolver II
Resolver II

Step1: Create a document library in the SharePoint and upload all the necessary images and also some columns to recognize the images eg. Skill type

Step 2: On your PowerApp add this SP library connection

Step 3: On Load or maybe a button click load the document library into a collection: (ClearCollect(colPics,AddColumns(ShowColumns(DocumentLibrary,"ID","{Link}","{Thumbnail}","{Name}","Description0"),"pic",'{Thumbnail}'.Small)))

Step 4: On your Gallery fields use lookup to display the image based on the selected skill set.


Hope this help!!

Hi @RandyHayes


thank you very much for your quick feedback.


The post from @WarrenBelz was very good. However, I am not quite sure if the procedures mentioned fit my requirement correctly.


I also tried compressing the images as Warren described, however it did not work as I thought it would.

I am also not quite sure which procedures in Warren's description belong to which variants.


Here are the flows I created:

Compose imagesCompose imagesBase64ToBinary ProcessingBase64ToBinary Processing

I understood it to mean uploading an image to OneDrive for Business --> then applying the formula and then uploading the modified image to the appropriate library in SharePoint and deleting the original image in OneDrive for Business. Unfortunately, this procedure does not work for me. I get the following error:

Bilder komprimieren Flow3.jpg

Why doesn't the flow work? What exactly have I done wrong?


Best Regards!


Hello @joeinmay ,

Thank you very much for your help.

I'll try the procedure you suggested tomorrow.


Many greetings

Hello @joeinmay,

I tried to display the images as you described.

The skills are described in the SP list "Skillsets". The SharePoint list looks like this:


Then I created a document library and named it "Skillset_Libary". There I created an entry with a picture. The document library now looks like this:

Afterwards I tried to include the entry with picture via lookup in "Skillsets". Unfortunately, I could not select the column "Type" in the lookup and therefore the picture is not displayed.


Did I do something wrong here?

Many greetings

Resolver II
Resolver II

Have you uploaded the images into the document library?

In the powerapps you can reference the images as thumbnail or link.

I know this is an old post, but I cannot get thumbnail images to display correctly from a collection.

Are you sure that you can load them into a collection and then re-display them correctly afterwards?

Super User
Super User


Did you also have a look at the related post?

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Hi Randy,


I finally figured out the issue and got everything working.

I am using a SharePoint library to store images.

In that library, I added a single line of text column called folderPath.

I use LookUp(), folderPath, and .Thumbnail to view my library images in a gallery.


Well, I was trying to figure out a way to display all the thumbnails as soon as the screen with the gallery loads, as opposed to having the user click each placeholder SampleImage to view the image in full screen.

I originally just had the gallery image controls using the lookup I mentioned above to show the images, but sometimes it would take FOREVER to get them all to load on screen (with load time not linked to any actual actions - just data loading, and I couldn't get the built-in LoadingSpinner to work).


So I was trying to figure out a way to collect all the images and then lookup from the collection instead to reduce calls to my library.

What I figured out is the StartsWith() formula I was using to filter my library was pulling a delegation error, which is why my images were showing up blank (10000+ images).


Well, come to find out that was because I was using a combination of variable values and text as the lookup value for StartsWith(), as opposed to just putting my lookup value in one variable.

Once I did that, all is working well now.


StartsWith(folderPath, textbox1.Value)



UpdateContext({lookupVar: textbox1.Value});

StartsWith(folderPath, lookupVar)


Sorry, it's been a bit of a roller coaster today.

Thanks for your reply!

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