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Helper V

Display info in a Gallery from 2 separate lists?

Hi All,


I am having issues with either creating a form or gallery, i'm not sure if i need to change how my data is set out, which if the case i can easily do, i just cant think myself how else to set it out.


I'll try and explain the setup.  we are an electrical contractors company and we are trying to automate booking in through an app, i'm getting there with most aspects however i've hit a sticking point when it comes to booking in the customer extras.


as i currently have the lists/tables set up in sharepoint, i have the following lists; ( i will attach a pic of each list for referance)


Extras: This list has columns that have 'EXRef', 'EXItem (desciption)' 'EX1Price','EX2Price','EX3Price'  _ this sheet basically has the cost of each item per stage of the build


PlotExtras2: This list has 'PlotCode' as the first column and then all the Extras referances for the items in the 'Extras' list


the idea here is so that i can then input a plot(property code) and i can then go through all the extras and add a qty for each extra as and if required. I can then do this as i go down the list with plot codes that are generated from another part of the app


I want to show all this data in a gallery or a form so that the user can see all the listed items from 'Extras' and they can insert  the qty for each item in order to populate the lists.

then when the employees "book in" they will see just the list showing what items have a qty of >0 in them


However my struggle is that if i try and do this either by a gallery or by a form i cannot pull up all the data that i want.  If i do a gallery from the 'Extras' list i can see all the items, however i cant work out how to add the textinputs or labels to show the qty booked in for each item as i cannot reference the column names which match up to the Extras references. The only way that i can currently think to do this would be to do a lookup, however as the column name changes each time.


So my formula would be LookUp(PlotExtras2, EXPlotCode=PlotCodeTxt.Text,'EX1') Which pulls up the correct no. of items, however as this doesn't dynamically know to then use the same with 'EX2' for the next item in the gallery then i'm not sure what to do.  I can get this to work a little better if i show it as a form, as i can do the same sort of lookup for each datacard, however as i have 50 of these at the minute, it would take some time.  Just wondering if there is a trick i'm missing here? i thought about doing a collection and then doing a gallery, but again it will take a huge amount of lookups to get this to work, i'm not sure if there might just be an easier way to set out my data to start with?


I have attached pictures of: my 2 tables so you can see how they are laid out, and also the gallery, which is basic, and only has the label for the 1st item.  If you need anything else from me let me know and your thoughts would be greatly appreciated. 





Power Apps
Power Apps

In your scenario I would build a Nested Gallery. Which means a Gallery with Extras sitting inside your main Gallery with your Master data. That way you can control, what kind of items are going to get listed if inside Master Gallery a specific item is selected.

For a concept on this, take a look at the Component gallery where you do find a settings menu which contains of two galleries.


Hi Thanks for your reply,


Nested Galleries! - Sounds interesting!


Sorry, but i'm not following.. where will i find this component gallery? - Is it a template app somewhere? or is it within the studio when building an app?




Helper V
Helper V

Add a blank label to the Country gallery and use the following LookUp formula in the Text property. This solution assumes the ID for India is the same in both tables.



Let me know if this works


Hi Sorry, I am new to this so i might be missing something,


I have downloaded the component and opened it in a blank app, however there is nothing in there. If i put the component on to a screen all i can see is the following. Pic attached.


Do i need to create a data source?


Or am i missing the point completely? - 


@Max44  Sorry Max, i thought initially this was advise to look at in Carstens Hamburger menu component, however looking into that component i dont think it does, it also doesnt match up with anything i have put previously? 

Can you advise further what you mean? I dont have any galleres or fields for countries!? or cities etc



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