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DisplayMode=View removes border

Would be greating if having controls with DisplayMode=View can have a border. I see a similair post about the padding being removed when in View mode, but since this is a seperate issue, I'm making a new item.


Any way to have a control (textbox or label) have a border, and also be in View Mode?



New Member

On your form, select the data card that you want to edit then select the actual control. In my case, I selected my dropdown control.


On the BorderColor property of your control, input:


If(Form1_1.Mode = FormMode.Edit, Color.DarkBlue, RGBA(0,0,0,0))




Form1_1 is equal to yourFormName

Form1_1.Mode = FormMode.Edit is equal to logical test

Color.DarkBlue = Color.yourChosenColor is equal to true value

RGBA(0,0,0,0) is equal to else/false value


this makes your control border Dark Blue on Edit mode and transparent border on View mode.


I tried this and it works. Please accept solution if it works for you. Thanks!



Post Prodigy
Post Prodigy

This is 2022 June and we still cannot set border thickness when text input is in view mode.

I had to make the displaymode to disabled and set its DisabledBorderColor  and Thickness property and also change the DisabledFill accordingly.

Frequent Visitor

I didn't spent too much time with this issue. I've changed the Visual Background color (like grey) and by this, on the View Mode, the borders are still not visible, but with the contrast between the background color and the fields I can already see the edges of the fields clearly.

New Member

For me the easiest way to overcome this is with a workaround, putting a rectangle overtop the text field and making the fill, pressed fill, and hoverfill with a RGBA(0,0,0,0) making sure the Alpha value is 0. That way it is see through and the text field is unclickable.

Unfortunately if you do this, and if you have any clickable links in the HTML text that you want your users to be able to click on, they won't be able to because of the box on top.

Frequent Visitor

Hello, just updating that I was looking for a solution for this, but looks like you all have been struggling with this for years haha.


Again I am looking for a way to have a border that is there in edit mode and view mode. For myself its for a SharePoint integrated form, but same issue anyways.

Dec 2022

It is now 2023 and this is still the case...

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