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Advocate V

DisplayMode=View removes border

Would be greating if having controls with DisplayMode=View can have a border. I see a similair post about the padding being removed when in View mode, but since this is a seperate issue, I'm making a new item.


Any way to have a control (textbox or label) have a border, and also be in View Mode?



Advocate II
Advocate II

I left the textinput control in edit mode and inserted a rectangle icon over the control and made sure to bring it to the front then I changed the rectangle fill collor to transparent RGBA(

I wanted the rounded corners and the label didn't offer that.  This gave me a textbox with the border that could not be edited.

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just put a rectangle icon behind id, or a label, set the fill color of the item in front to white for example and the item behind to another color, use formula on Y, X, Width and Height to create the BorderThickness.



yes, thanks, everyone knows you can add a rectangle or another control. to make another box for an outline.

As an app developer though, I don't want to be adding 100 extra controls to my display screens every week.

A workaround isn't a fix, and what I'd like to see is a fix from Microsoft, not a workaround that doubles my time to build an app screen.


Thanks again though for the comment.

@dave-jorgensen   My workaround is to leave the controls in edit mode and place a rectangel with (color transparent) over those controls so they cannot be edited.  Still a workaround but it dosn't take as long to line up and you can cover multiple controls at once if needed.

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This is still an issue in 8/2019.

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My first wordy response was lost because of an error so I figured I would try a simpler response first...


The rectangel around the field is not an acceptable workaround. Try creating, resizing rectangels 20 - 30 times and not making the form look wierd, especially if you have a view/edit toggle on the form.


Best soluttion in I see in the thread my opinion is set Form Mode.Edit and field DisplayMode.Diasbled. Then change the Disabled border, background, and text colors. In my case with an edit/view toggle, add an If statement for each of those. The transition looks smooth but its a bunch of work. Also, the control is still visible but you can keep that greyed out in the Disabled setting to indicate as much to the user.


As a potential solution that could save a huge amount of time for us citizen developers (who this was created for I think), could the View mode still show the border but remove the control, hint text, and maybe the tool tip to display the information to the consumer as intended, facilitate seamless transition from view to edit modes, and greatly reduce development time for those of us whose main job is not this... lol.

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If anyone is still struggling with this I ended up using a text label for textinputs that I wanted to be non editable. You can put borders on these.

Hey guys, so any solution?

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Works!! Thanks

nope, there is no solution. Setting DisplayMode to view removes the border. that's the issue, workarounds don't address the actual issue.


Ideally it would be nice to have properties for the border when in view mode just like the properties where you can set the DisabledBorder color/thickness.


but Microsoft doesn't seem to have any interest in doing so. As they stated earlier, the existing behavior is by design. But that's completely the wrong approach. It's by Microsoft's design, and here the users of the product are saying they'd like the design changed. It's just adding a couple more properties to the control, would probably take 10 minutes for the team to actually do the work.



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