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Displaying series in a Line Chart/Adding series to a Line Chart (Filtering a Line Chart)



I've got a ListBox control (ListBoxCategory) and a drop-down control (DropdownEmployee). I would like my Line Cart to display information based on the employee you select in the drop-down list, and the categories you select in the list box.


  • The ListBoxCategory uses a data source (CategoryTable) which contains a 'CategoryID' and 'Category' column.

Data source: CategoryTableData source: CategoryTable

The ListBoxCategory's Items is set to 'CategoryTable', and the Value is set to 'Category' - it displays 'Lunch', 'Meetings', 'Work', 'Travel', and 'Breaks' (the values in the Category column)



  • The DropdownEmployee uses a data source (EmployeeTable) which contains an 'EmployeeID' and 'Employee' column - it displays the names of the employees in the Employee column.

Data source: EmployeeTableData source: EmployeeTable

The DropdownEmployee's Items is set to 'EmployeeTable', and the Value is set to 'Employee'. 


The line chart's data source (EmployeeDetails) contains a 'Category', 'HoursSpent', 'Employee', and 'MonthYear' column. The MonthYear column contains dates formatted as text:


Data source: EmployeeDetailsData source: EmployeeDetails

The line chart should display data from the 'HoursSpent' column that corresponds to the selected employee (DropdownEmployee) and the selected category(s) (ListBoxCategory). For example, if you select 'Lunch' and 'Travel' in the ListBoxCategory, it should display the corresponding 'HoursSpent' value (Y-axis) and the MonthYear (X-axis) so that you can see one line that shows which months the HoursSpent for Lunch and another line that shows the HoursSpent for Travel.


Right now I have it set to: 



but this is not working.


Please help.


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Re: Displaying series in a Line Chart/Adding series to a Line Chart (Filtering a Line Chart)

Adding @FilipK to assist with this question 🙂 @Anonymous

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