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Helper II
Helper II

Distinct Filter and Sort on Gallery

Hey all,


I am looking to make a Tablet view of the ticket system that I am currently working on at the moment.Capture.PNG


As you can see with the image, I have buttons and I have a gallery below the buttons. I have two goals to be accomplished with this.

  1. What I am trying to do is have a gallery or buttons, which ever is easier, to display the status of the tickets. Using the Gallery, do I use:
    distinct(filter(datasource, status))

    The buttons are an easy fix since you can just use UpdateCOntext and use a global variable, but they dont look pleasing to the eye vs the gallery. 

  2. The other thing I am trying to get to work is with this selection of the status, in another gallery, I will show the tickets with said selected status. EX I select "in progress tickets", all the in progress tickes will show and vice versa. TicketView is the variable that sets the filter on the gallery.
  3. Filter(Tickets_1,If(TicketView = "Open", show all open tickets, If(TicketView = "In Progress", show all in progress tickets, If(...........))))

Any help would be appriciated. Thank you in advance!

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What is the type of Status column in your datasource?


Is it a lookup field?

If yes try to do this


Crap, yeah that would do it. Although its not showing all the status' that are in the Datasource. I have atleast 5 Open TIckets and you only see Completed Capture.PNG

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Change Gallery1.Item to

Distinct(Tickets_1, Status.Value)

Change the Label to


View solution in original post

Thank you so much! I have one last question. If I want to show All Tickets, how would I do that? Since it only shows the values in the datasource. Should I just make shift one using rectangles and a button overlaying it?

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Hi @Daemagor


I don't think you can have it in the Gallery to list All Tickets. Maybe have a button next to it which says Show All Tickets

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