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Resolver I

Double scrollbar issue with forms

Hi PowerApp users,

I know this issue has been covered multiple times here but with no clear solution. So posting it again :).

My forms are having double scrollbars even when the default screen orientation and sizes are selected.

I have used Blanks, Scrollable and Form screens with the same behaviour.

There is a vertical as well as the horizontal bar showing up.

Attached the screenshot.

Any help appreciated.




"Yes" has it been resolved or is this a product bug? what is the work around.

Not applicable

Please let me know if the following helps. It was an accepted solution in a previous thread. 


"An Edit form has its own scrolling so you do not need to put it inside the scrollable screen, just a regular one.


If you still want to do this, make the height of the Edit form large enough so that you do not require scrolling in the form.  That way you will scroll the screen, and that will be the only scrollbar that appears."



Im Experiencing the same issue using a customized SharePoint form , I tried setting the height to a certain value which removed the double scroll bar ( set custom size in Screen size + orienatation in App Settings )


However if Form displayed on a diffrent device with a diffrent resolution the error will appear again and the customized form will display diffrently.


Is there any other solutions or workarounds ?



this suggestion doesn't work.

I'm using the default screen that comes when you customise a list form. I don't create any new scrollable screen for this.

And regarding increasing the height, my list form has close to 44 fields, no matter how much i increase the height of the form, the double scrollbar will still appear.


I had a bit of luck when I set Custom size in App settings -> Screen Size & orientation




In my case the double scrollbar disappeared by setting the App height to 690 , my device resolution is 1600 x 900, Landscape, my list has 46 columns


Be Aware it only works for my specific device (diffrent resolutions will not work)


@kevingeorget @Anonymous 

In my form i have selected the Orientation as Landscape. Chosen Custom size with Width 1500 and Height 1500 and having the same exact issue with 2 vertical scroll bars. Any resolution for this issue? Still struggling from last few days. No help any where.

@ravievg I'm yet to find a solution for this.

@Pstork1 Could you please advise if there is a solution for this. Or if Microsoft team acknowleges such a bugand its fix is in the pipeline. 

Dual Super User III
Dual Super User III

My suspicion is there are two cases being talked about in this thread.  One case is a SharePoint integrated Form where there is a scrollbar for the form panel and a scrollbar for the list window itself.  I don't believe there is any fix for that.  The form and the window are both going to have scroll bars and are independent of each other.


The other case is a canvas app.  As was mentioned this can be fixed on a specific device by adjusting the app size to match the specific device and being sure you are using a regular screen not a scrollable one.  But that won't work if you move to a different device.  To fix it on all devices I think you need to look at the recommendations for building a responsive design app.  Then you can adjust the size of the app to actual match the size of the device.

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@Pstork1 Thanks for the reply. I face the issue mainly with the SharePoint integrated forms. I wish there was something that can be done to make it responsive based on the end users screen size. Can't take this up to business with such bad UI.

Dual Super User III
Dual Super User III

For SharePoint Integrated Forms there is really nothing you can do since it is by nature a Form within a Form.  The only real option would be to break the form up into multiple screens that will fit within a standard window and navigate between each screen.

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